Friday, January 28, 2011


"From The Ecstasy" LP 2010
Nuclear War Now! Productions

I am not an audiophile, neither I am a vinyl collector. I am also not a big follower of Malaysian BRAIN DEAD. I first heard this band when they released their Live Demo, I guess that was back in 1991, recorded in a local show, guess it was merely a funfair back then. I don't have their demo, their Live Demo was their only release I've ever had. Also I saw them in a gig or two, I can't remember though.

When the band signed with Dark Journey Records and released this full length in 1992, I thought it might be the greatest release by Malaysian band. But I was wrong. I guess (emphasis is on my own perception) that the sale for first released album by the band was not really in par with other Malaysian bands releasing album at that moment. I personally don't like it very much, but that was because I hated the cover. It was so lame, people will look at it and says.. "ah.. it's like Kreator's "Coma of Souls"". I think the artwork and final production on the album back in 1992 was a disappointing point, thus it affected my judgment on the music as well.

Listening to BRAIN DEAD today, I can be summarize the band as still in death metal, with a little touch of dark elements, raw but far away from black metal. BRAIN DEAD also injected some speed/thrashy grooves that make the package interesting (yeah, I had to admit it after listening it again after 19 years of it release!). The dark sides really remind me to Rotting Christ (vocally), plus Sarcofago, musically.

The 2010 release by Nuclear War Now! Productions (NWN) means a lot. In spite of having pressed in vinyl, it indicates the recognition BRAIN DEAD gained by NWN. Although NWN is not a big label compared to Osmose or Relapse or Nuclear Blast, everyone should have known the taste of the owner of NWN, he was so picky in selecting his releases. So the moment I knew "From The Ecstasy" is going to be released by NWN, I realized things went well with BRAIN DEAD camp and all the hard works after over 20 years of existence is been paid of.

With the "active" status, I am wondering what BRAIN DEAD can offer to amuse the Malaysian scene again.

The NWN re-release vinyl is special because it came with a poster, sticker and embroidered patch. I don't know much about their cover in the re-release vinyl, might be an original or long lost artwork, but it seems great, at least better than the original cover back in 1992! And the best part is their 1991 Live Demo also been re-released in vinyl. So that makes two releases of BRAIN DEAD under NWN, and take that sucker!!!!

NWN vinyl release 2010 with front artwork

NWN vinyl release 2010 with back artwork

NWN Live Demo 2010 with front artwork

NWN Live Demo 2010 with back artwork

My version of 1991 Live Demo

From The Ecstasy cassette LP 1992

From The Ecstasy cassette LP 1992

Death and Dead, compilation with Silent Death, a way to make money for the label!!

Unofficial release by Thrashing Fist Productions


  1. wahhh
    I really like the way you present the photos of this nice collection.
    Buat orang teruja nak tahu lebih tentang ni band.

  2. bro, lu punya maiden collection far more exciting laa.. haha..

    die hard pemendenye.. kebetulan je selongkar gerobok jumpa balik semua ni.. aku pun tak sedar aku ada kumpul jugak semua brain dead..