Saturday, January 15, 2011


"The Funeral Obsession" MLP 1992
The Record Label

I really had hard times to find these masterpiece for a reasonable price actually. Before going further, you would like to check out the name Decomposed from and you may find about 11 bands under the same moniker. This is British-Decomposed, a four-piece band, underrated, playing good ol-death metal with doomy touch. Yup, so much like the other old-school death metal. I remembered reading an old statement from a zine, accusing UK as producing so much of death doom genre.

Well, I was pretty much agree with that. UK bands are more into doomy type of death metal during that time. Bands like Decomposed, My Dying Bride, Innards, Morbid Symphony, Chapel of Rest, Anathema, were all into death/doom genre. I personally don't think it's a negative side of a scene. Hey, at least they were well known all over the world for that kind of music, we had specialization isn't we?

But, trust me, who would have thought and underrated band with underrated sales of records (that might be one of the reason they broke up early) had values of over USD50 now? Strange how demand and supply and purchasing power, spiced up with changing demographic had pushed the price into nearly tripled the price after 20 years.

Well, "The Funeral Obsession"contains 2 songs of death metal with a little doomy touch. The best comparison would be the same country-band, Morbid Symphony, Malediction, or maybe a little bit like slower-Incantation. Those 2 songs are (1) At Rest and (2) Spawn of Maternal Cadaver. The first one was inserted in their 1993 debut "Hope Finally Dead", and the track can be heard in youtube link below.

Personally, if you are playing this kind of music today, you might get signed by old school label like Nuclear Winter or Pulverized. It's my cup of tea, but to find the old school "feelings" needs a lot of refreshment. So, next playlist in my winamp would be Innards!

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