Sunday, February 27, 2011


"Phenomistik" 2010
Blackwind Productions/Nebiula Production

As-Sahar was a great band, truly they are. There were some thoughts concluded that so-called "Malay" death metal were derived from them. But I'll not waste my time with the epistemology of Malay death metal. Death metal is meant to be death metal.

My encounter with Singaporean bands can be traced back in early 90s where zines, flyers and tape trading are the most sources that I can get. Of course, before that there were Abhorer, Xtreme Obsession, Mutation, Martyrdom, etc. I remember that Impiety came late, but As-Sahar was latter. Source? Flyers of their "Primitively Eastern Winds". I got this demo from their distributor in Malaysia. I don't know where the hell it was right now.. Their next release Promo 1993. I got this by sending a blank tape to their address. Their further was "Santau" EP, which caught a deal with Nebiula Productions to re-release for Malaysian open market with the new name "Meditation Embun Pagi". I think that was the idea since it's pretty different from

The "Phenomistik" debut released by Nebiula Productions in the year of 1996. I think it was only in cassette format. Luckily Blackwinds Productions (owned by Malek  Hanael - bassist of As-Sahar) conjunction with Nebiula Productions, re-released this in CD digipak fomat. It's a blessed I think, to have this album in my hand after not giving any proper hearings to their releases since "Baku Karama" 1999. The previous "Tir" (2008) really not bad, but I prefer "Phenomistik" due to the raw and primitive sounds.

Overall, I guess there are no extra songs in this re-release (as what re-release always did). But it's a fine package with lyrics and all that. The sounds probably lifted, not sure whether it's been remastered or not.

So, please find a copy if you are into depressive, fast black metal with eastern touches.


  1. the perfect packaging of re released..not only d cd but coming including with poster and 2 sticker..

  2. hah! how come i didn't get the stickers? danggg!!!