Monday, February 7, 2011


The Crown
Doomsday King 2010
Century Media Records

I started listening to THE CROWN (formerly known as CROWN OF THORNS) when their debut "The Burning" hit the street back in 1995. In 20 years of duration playing heavy/thrash/death metal, my perception is still the same. Some of you might consider their "Eternal Death" perhaps the most triumphant release so far. With "Hell is Here" in 1999, the ultimate death metal tunes turned out to be more heavy plus death metal oriented, a combination of melodramatic heaviness and semi-guttural vocals.

I'd rather say that "Doomsday King" is still has nothing to offer. Likewise their previous "Possessed 13" and the releases before that, I think that THE CROWN has grown up to be more heavy in sound, technical in playing, but has no "x-factor" to differentiate them with other heavy/thrash/death metal bands.

To simply conclude, "Doomsday King" is something you sought for when you are a follower of the Swedish death metal, but if you are looking for something new in death metal, then this is not your cup of tea. Been listening to this album over and over again, the brutality is there, but the feeling of originality is something that is lack in this beautifully produced album.


  1. macam Dismember la ni eh? Sama je dari dulu?

  2. Ha'ah, lebey kurang la.. Sama je since "Hell Is Here". Pendapat aku laa... orang lain tak tau..