Monday, February 7, 2011


Morbid Symphony (UK)
Evil Cares For Its Own Demo 1991

Well, it's been a long time since I last bought a tape. Considering the time and technologies overshadowing me and me perception towards quality of music (digital vs analog thing). With the help of father of all evil (, I accidentally jumped into a discovery of a long-sought band, UK's MORBID SYMPHONY.

Why it has been one of my sought-after thing? Firstly, because this band was so underrated, that they had released an album called "Seasons Past" back in 2002, self-released to be exact, and this album is one of the thing I couldn't find from the net, really!! So, winning the bid for their demo is actually on big step to losing more money in search of something that I myself don't know the value.

Secondly, the flyers of this demo spread throughout the world, with my personal contacts were from UK, I think MORBID SYMPHONY did caught my attention. Nonetheless, the limitation was in my purchasing power back in the 1991.

Thirdly, I personally love the artwork on their releases. I used their "Permanence In Dark Earth" EP cover for my heading picture in this blog. So, all in all, I love this band!

"Evil Cares.." contains 5 tracks of thrashy death metal. One to differentiate them from the other UK bands which during that time, haunted by the generalization of "British Doom Death". The songs are simple in arrangements, mid-paced death metal. Nothing much to compare with other bands today. But I guess, apart from being biased, MORBID SYMPHONY is one of my favorite band. Too sad that I couldn't dig more of their releases.

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