Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"Innards" Cassette EP 2009
Nihilistic Holocaust

Ok, it's brand new for me. Haven't heard of their name before. But death metal from Finland is always promising! Not that I've put too much hope on NERLICH as what I've been putting on Purtenance, Xysma, Disgrace, Demilich, Demigod, Midnight Sun, etc, but NERLICH has really something that can make me play the tape over and over again.

First of, forget the sound of Swedish melo-shit-Gothenburg death metal. Finnish always suck in copying the Swedish, that's for sure. NERLICH is a straight forward death metal, the tempos are fast, the vocals are semi-growl, I must say that NERLICH is lying on the right lane of death metal. Moreover, in my simplest opinion, NERLICH is more alike The Crown style of death metal, with heavy touches here and there.

Of course, "Innards" is the first time I hear the, thus I cannot make any comparisons with their previous releases. "Defabricated Process" was released as their debut album in 2007, but I hardly find it for a decent price. Nevertheless, this is an album that I am currently sought for, to enable me to make better judgment on NERLICH.

Overall, this cassette EP was released by Nihilistic Holocaust, I'm not sure the purpose of the release. It might be the original EP was really sucked in presentation. The cassette is much more decent in nature, and the cover printed nicely. This EP got it's own fine package. Recommended for moderate death metalheads!!

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