Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Nocturnal Vomit
"Infernal Ascension of The Gods" Demo 2003

Well, the reviews said it was death metal, old school one! Needless to say, this is more into black death version of metal, in the veins of Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, you absolutely got the point.

Not that I despised that kind of music, but things got so far away apart from being a musical creation that contains melodies. This is total hatred, total chaos, and so much of total destruction.

I think I'd rather let someone else review this material. Being an old release is one thing, not really my cup of tea is another thing, thus might resulting a bias judgment.

To conclude, this is a 6-songs demo (5 songs plus an intro, which I barely cannot recognized it. Looks like it starts up straight with a song. Hey, what's the point of having an intro right!!). This demo was released in 2003. Nocturnal Vomit, since then, had several eps and splits under their arms. This is a must for any raw black death metal fans out there. For me, I'd prefer to give this a few spins, and after that, let the tape joins the others on the shelf.

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