Saturday, February 12, 2011


If I had to confess on the most admired Malaysian metal release, I have to say, it's SUFFERCATION "Day of Darkness", which debut can be tracked back to 1992. There are several reasons why, from my opinion, "Day of Darkness" can be nominated as one of the best Malaysian release.

First of, timing. Timing is perfect when "Day of Darkness" was released. In the early 90s, most of the bands do not play technical, hyperspace-fast death metal. Deicide, Suffocation, is quite an exception. But most likely bands are in the mid-tempo death metal. Technical, speed, were not a requirement back then. Image, lyrics, growl vocals, darkness perhaps were the important thing. "Day of Darkness" does have the latter aspects to be perfect in timing of release.

Secondly, brutality. Suffercation (perhaps in their first and second album only) offers sheer aggressiveness, not in the drum works, but mostly in the guitars and vocals. The vocals were so brutal that most of listeners in the 1990s, when the album hit the street, were so amused (at least that's what happened in my "circle of friends" in school when I said that there is "no vocal effects used in the recording" - sort of reading what's been written in the cassette cover) and personally, I think Suffercation's vocals are a bit unique that can be distinguished easily from other Malaysian bands during that time.

Thirdly, nostalgic. "Day of Darkness" was the first Malaysian death metal released in open market, a great determination which required a great gambling! With limited open-mindedness in the market (weird though people today are normally accepting the "indie-music")

This short crap is just a warm-up as I just got SUFFERCATION "Day of Darkness: The Re-awakening" CD, provided by Afterlife Productions/DeadHead zine. I still listen to this CD to get the old-school feeling back.

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  1. baru dapat tadi. Sound macam convert dari MP3 je (dengar sound cymbals).