Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Unholy Grave
Revoltage Cassette LP 2010
Revulsion Records

I can't remember clearly when a colleague said about Unholy Grave, I really thought it was a Malaysian band. There was a northern band with the same name if I can remember.

Then, this is the Japanese la.. said my colleague.

Ahh.. to cover the ignorance in an arrogance style.. "that one la...".

Truthfully, I can't remember the Japanese Unholy Grave. Later I checked on the metal-archives and found them, with Agathocles-like list of releases. Man!! Is this the price I have to pay to play grind/noise? Or is it an advantage? Yep, just produce 10-30 seconds song for half a million of it, and you finally can divide them onto 100 separate releases, you name it, split tape, split 7"EP, 7"EP, full-length, what the heck man. It's more than meet the eye!

To play grind (I am still confused with the label, grind? Or is it noise? What about d-beat? Crust maybe?) in the decade after Y2K, I guess there is some advantages. Globalization moved people and their preferences towards more "sharing-based" taste. Whether it is grind or crust or punk, whatever, you still have your own disciples. Hey, many awek are choosing this rather death metal, making death metal bands are real loser.

To close this, I'd rather not giving a review of 23 songs included in this Malaysian-produced tape (super-quality with 3 folded 100-grams piece of paper). Instead Unholy Grave prove to be one of the sustained grindcore (noise, err, crust?) bands from Asia, it's good by me.

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