Saturday, March 12, 2011


Thorns of Hate (Malaysia)
Abominable Triumph of Heresy Demo 2010

A simply amazing release from Northern THORNS OF HATE (later to be abbreviated as T.O.H)!!

I think T.O.H had made a wise choice to maintain a black death sound while other bands are towards new paradigm in death metal genre. Not that I have issues with progression of local metal scene, but personally I think most of technology-thingy affected the sound in a negative way. T.O.H, from my hearing and random guess, I think, also put on some make-ups with up-to-date gadgets, the black death sounds are mostly "clean" sounded.

Ah, ok. It's a requirement today. As long as it sounds great, that's fine by me though.

Nevertheless, T.O.H had made a great step by producing this demo in tape format. Lucky me, the tape was sold out quickly and I managed to get a promo copy from the band itself. To run the tape on the first time made me a bit astounded because it's been a long time since I last heard good bands from the north (Penang, Kedah, Perlis). Herriot was something, Storming Steel was a bit unoriginal.

T.O.H is also nothing new, musically. This demo offers 4 tracks (including an intro + 3 other songs). They have mostly influenced by other common black death acts, such as BLASPHEMY, some sounds of HELLHAMMER, SARCOFAGO, and the likes. It's was easy for comparisons actually. But the sounds are too perfect and that's the special thing about this demo.

As the sounds are too similar to other act, I'd rather not to review each and every track. The darkness surrounds the brutal black death, just like what BLASPHEMY had. So, I guess it clears up what T.O.H sounded like.

A promising band T.O.H is, now their 7"EP entitled "Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse" is still in pressing process under Swedish Blood Harvest. I guess for those who didn't have the chance to have a copy of their demo, check out their myspace, and just wait for their 7"EP!

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