Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: XYSMA "SINGLES" EP 1997

Singles EP 1997
Spinefarm Records

Ok, Finnish might be once producing good death metal bands, PURTENANCE, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH, CONVULSE, LUBRICANT, DISGRACE, were all Finnish bands that once ruled the earth (err, well, I said once right?). XYSMA was one of them.

I remember to first time reading about XYSMA in Isten zine, that was when they released "Above The Mind of Morbidity" EP in 1990. Their "Yeah" LP was released in 1991 under Comeback Records. The name was so catchy that XYSMA is quickly been well-known for this release. Of course, their early years were more into death grind style, zines were comparing them with Carcass, enhancing their name in the scene back then.

The reason I dig XYSMA simply because of their "Yeah" LP, which became one of my favorite Finnish band. Although I was not in good shape financially back in 1990s to buy their LP, I managed to get to hear them by tape trading, good enough!

After few years, I heard that most of the Finnish bands were changing their styles into rock music. DISGRACE was one of them that I managed to hear, but I've never heard about XYSMA since "Yeah" although reviews were saying bad things about them. Last thing I heard was they've been signed under Relapse for their 1996 "Lotto". This was one of my sought after release, and managed to get it in Thai-pressed cassette format, also, good enough!!

With advanced technology, we managed to get broke by ebaying. Haha!
And I managed to get their "Singles" EP, a release that I've never thought to find.

"Singles" is a single, that's it.
Musically, it's XYSMA! It's rock, it's psychedelic, it's whatever you want to say..
It's happening, it's easy-listening.

To say that this is my favorite probably will be a lie. But as I say easy listening, I really mean it!
How long can you take hearing fast and brutal music without having the have your ears relaxed?
Enough and stop torturing! It's time to be king and listen to XYSMA ~..~

  1. Honest Love
  2. King
  3. Sure About You
  4. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover)
  5. I Can't Stand It (Lou Reed cover)
  6. Drive My Car (The Beatles cover)
  7. Sure About You (Original-version)

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