Monday, May 23, 2011


Mutant Cats From Hell LP 1988
Ever Rat Records

My third attempt to buy this album, it went through a lot of shits..

First attempt was I was in high school when this album went out in local market. It was in white cassette format, released by VSP (the most well-known metal distributor in Malaysia back then), labeled "TRASH METAL" in front artwork. I believed it was in 1989, together with DARK ANGEL, MIDAS TOUCH, DEATHROW, they were all released in white cassette if I can remember. People were crazy with thrash during that time, and death metal reign a couple of steps lower than thrash. It's all about thrash. And I was in deep interest in Metallica, Helloween, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Death Angel, Wild Dogs, and during that time, the shifting era, the transition towards heavier metal as Death, Dark Angel, etc. So, with limited resources, I spent more into what was really needed, and A.M.Q.A IS NOT A PART OF MY NEEDS that time.

Second attempt, during my early years knowing ebay and A.M.Q.A is a band that I looked for. First time I got it with low bid and price, but the package lost somewhere in the middle of US and Malaysia. I've never looked upon blaming the seller for being a rip off. Rather, I believe that the postal service in Malaysia is quite bad. Of course, the proof of sending by the seller is somewhat acceptable (although proof of sending doesn't ensure the acceptance).

Third attempt, still low bid and low price, and I got it!!

So, I believe after the journey of nearly 23 years, I managed to hold this album in my hand.

Basically, what do you need to know about A.M.Q.A? They are 3-piece band from Seattle, US. Quite underrated, playing thrash/ crossover. It is much into old DRI or something if you get what I mean. This album contains 20 tracks, each is not more than 2 and a half minute of duration. In fact, most of the modern thrash/ crossover still maintain the short duration in their songs.

Funny thing is that I couldn't find the name of their band members, even through I tried to google or find it on wiki, but still not much information about this band.

This album is quite nice to play, but like other bands in this genre, I prefer to play it once in a while just to avoid the boredom of having the same style looping again and again.


  1. just for your eyes only dude

    A.M.Q.A last line-up

    Corey Ladus : Bass, Drums
    Kevin Ladus : Vocals
    Mike Crum : Guitar

    Former/Past members

    Flash : Guitar
    Bob Bolgreen : Drums



  2. thanks bro!!

    p/s: perghh.. brader gayour comment gua punya post.. gua kena print screen nih!! muahaha..