Sunday, May 15, 2011


Celestial Season
Flowerskin 7"EP 1993
Witchhunt Records

Perhaps to be a death/doom freak, Dutch's Celestial Season, was one of the bands that I recommend you guys to dig into. Their history can be traced back in 1992's "Promises" Demo, which was a normal death doom genre, highly influenced by the British acts such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Chorus of Ruins and so on and so forth. There were no other fine comparisons that you could make back then.

"Flowerskin" actually has nothing more than a moderate and standard death/ doom metal with an addition of violin characterizing the overall package of Celestial Season. Unlike My Dying Bride, the using of violin in Celestial Season is no more than a spillover role, a spice to get the overall looking great. MDB's violin (referring to the "Turn Loose.." and its predecessors) creates the ambient that what it got to be labeled as death/ doom, drafting a pure serenade and melancholic journey.

The unique thing about Celestial Season, despite being progressed towards stoner/ rock like what The Gathering, Xysma, Disgrace had turned into, is the high price for its mediocre releases. Their first album, "Forever Scarlet Passion" is still selling for over USD30 (or Buy It Now option in ebay for at least USD40.00). A proof that value is not derived from the music itself. If you hear "Forever Scarlet Passion", there are some parts that either be composed in that way or mistakes in recording, but the value is still high.

To conclude, Celestial Season is one of the band that worth checking out, reflecting from their latest releases. A worth checking out, but provided only if you can accept the openness in metal world.

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