Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Dehumanizers
Here's To You LP 1988
Ever Rat Records

Under the same label with A.M.Q.A's Mutant Cats From Hell, came The Dehumanizers with "Here's To You". A name that I've never before heard of.

The overall records was intended as insulting efforts towards Lou Guzzo, a commentator from KIRO Television Station. Well, I would not elaborate more on the issue since it was back then nearly 23 years ago. In addition, I hate to say or write something that is beyond my knowledge, and it was way outside my attention about what's going on with Lou Guzzo.

The Dehumanizers was formed in 1984, had several releases that mostly unknown to Malaysia market (as far as I concerned) and broke up in late 80s. This ain't a band that you can gather information easily from the web. Of course they had their myspace account (but due to my hatred against waiting-time in downloading a page of myspace, which really sucks that I'll never open any myspace page!) and their own website, which of course, had too many precious information in one index page, but nothing really had my attention and gaining knowledge about them.

All I can say is that their music is merely fast hardcore punk in style, which is sometimes quite dull in presenting the variety of punk itself. Of course, what would we expect then? The screaming, the over-looping guitar chords, it is much more like UK-Subs, in US veins. Not much specialties that I can detect on this release.

Perhaps I can quote a friend of mine who once said, "punk is an attitude, not music". I should make that as a conclusion, that their music sucks, but the lyrics and musical aggressiveness, the attitude then showed up in a funny way that it never attract me much.

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