Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: ERODED "IN" CD 1994

IN CD 1994
Howling Bull Records

It still feels a bit awkward today to review a release of nearly 17 years old. Japanese ERODED, I remembered the old tape trading days, I got their 1992 demo together with other Japanese bands such as Maggoty Corpse in one side of a tape, and the other side was dubbed with Rumble Militia "Stop The Violence and Madness". Of course during that day, the R.Militia side was played frequently compared to the demo side.

Knowing eBay enable us to get more than meets the eye! Eroded's album, IN, an album that never known its existence to me was released in 1994. Their musical was more than ordinary death metal could define. Of course I'd never say that it is an legitimate or original in musical direction, but for a Japanese band, in early 90s, this was something that missed the strong foundation.

Eroded's music, all I can say from my lack-of-musical-skills opinion, is death metal in a bit groovy way. The guitars were not much down-tuned, so it resulted a semi-brutal (or perhaps more "quarter" brutal) death metal. Drum works are done in moderate speed, most of the songs were composed with simplicity, but the existence of dual-guitar works made the whole package awesome.

The tracks like "Digital" encompasses various speed in death metal. The album-title "IN" is more slow paced death metal. Overall, the music is comparable to Finnish death-rocksters like Xysma, Disgrace, and also heavy metal riffs can be detected, more into Metallica-alike sound.

Overall, the total songs can be easily digested by those with openness in musical variety, but to those with stronghold stand in brutality should avoid this!


  1. tak tau pun band ini pernah wujud. Hang memang underground lubang cacing punya.

  2. Takpe. Dari tak tau kan sekarang dah tau. Dpt la blog gua bg knowledge sikit. Haha...