Monday, June 6, 2011


The Hellacopters
High Visibility CD 2000
Universal Music

High Visibility was my first experience with The Hellacopters. Apart from slowing down in buying stuffs in early 2000, I listened to High Visibility much more in digital format (illegal downloading of course!) and the melodic punk rock really amazed me. To my surprise too, the frontman is Nicke Andersson, whose works recognized in Entombed, as a drummer and mainly among the former of the band.

To me, The Hellacopters contains the mixture of psychedelic 70s rock and punk, the solos are beautiful, reminds me quite of Lynard Skynard, or maybe Kiss, and you can add up the influence of Ramones musically, a perfect combination describing old punk rock sounds in modern instruments.

I think The Hellacopters might be of interest for those who enjoyed slow pace punk rock, listening with peace of mind. You don't need to worry as there are no furious riffs of anger, etc to be labeled as pure punk, neither to mellow to be described as hard rock. The perfect blend of skills and beautiful structure.

By the way, I think the band is now defunct.. Hahhhh!!

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