Monday, June 27, 2011


Sulphureous Abyss Demo 2005

It requires me a great courage to play a black metal, which means, pure black metal, in my hi-fi. Not because I am afraid with the satan which they carried along in their lyrics to appear visible in front of me. But definitely, I lost my taste in these "pure black metal" music.

Ok, perhaps what do I mean with "pure black metal? My own definition: a screaming vocals like most black metal vocals do, screeching sounds of guitars, no variety in drums beating, just ordinary 1-1 blasting. Is it correct? Nah, none of my business to define what is or what is not about black metal.

Vultur, came with a concept of "Sardinian Occult Black Metal". Funny, for the first time I read it, sardin, it's more like a sardine in a can. In Malaysia, sardines are matter of perceptions. It's commonly joked with lower income people (although people in Malaysia always eat sandwiches of sardines).

After opening it's booklet, of course it's black in color, the photo is evil, some inverted crosses, and a statement "Vultur is a SARDINIAN band, NOT Italian!!!". Then I realize the band came from Sardinia, Italy. Adding to my confusion, I let the cover alone and not peeping more into it. I just want to have it a quick release, play it, listen to it, and make my conclusion.

Ok, nothing special about Vultur, really! I mean, after years, black metal had evolved into different kind of music, segmentation of black metal itself. My judgment: Vultur does not have any specialties, no X-Factor, nothing to be proud of. But my judgment is purely unfair due to my lack of experience in black metal music in current days.

This demo contains 4 songs, they don't have any dark ambience, something that I looked for in black metal music. The vocals, guitar works and drums are meeting my expectation of ordinary black metal. The good part is that the demo came with a slipcase, the product presentation is good. Although all the occult symbols are killing me! Too many symbols made me think what is the actual presentation, music or idea?


  1. Belum lagi. Nanti saya dengar ye dr.Ben. Krenmaut tak jd rilis la ye for this short moment?3

  2. kena tunggu balik baru boleh siapkan. Jom la jadi co-editor heheh... lagi cepat siap.

    boleh komen sikit pasal Lynas (sebab satu negeri)?

  3. co-editor? it's an honor dr. ben.. just takut tak dpt bagi full commitment. let me sleep on it first. btw, boleh bincang tentang bayaran melalui email gua, hahahaha..

    pasal lynas? saya tak bole nak cakap banyak sbb knowledge tarak, kalo ada pun, invalid to make a general statement. tunggu post lepas ni, memandangkan dr. dah trigger idea..;)