Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Eric Dietrich 1977-2008

Ok, the truth..

I forgot from where, or who, I get this CD-R. I found it in my office, which means this CD-R is probably new, whether it is from my friend or from the pile of items I received from ebay for the last 6 months (I lost count recently because all my winning items were addressed to my friend in Selangor).

I never heard of this band before, but with xeroxed cover, one can easily assessed it content. None other than DIY hardcore, punk band from USA. The music is intense, pure hardcore/punk-ish and I thought that the vocal is quite unique because it has black metal screeching resemblance. So, it resulted a black thrash, more like black punk, which we could find in latest Darkthrone or Metalucifer. Not that I am comparing them 100% because most of metallers would disagree and I myself haven't paid much attention to those bands.

But something is something, this band has the charisma, not to become an original one, but to capture the diverse market of punk/hardcore and metal. Perhaps if I could find a proper release of them, I am willing to pay for a copy.

p/s: Just knowing that Eric Dietrich was the bands' vocals and died sometimes ago. This release might be a tribute to him.