Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silkhannaz "Conception of Madness" LP

Apart from having HUMILIATION's 7"EP, Gempita Records also have SILKHANNAZ "Conception of Madness" LP re-release in LP format (so much for filling the trend of audiophiles today).

Tak cukup masa untuk review lebih, just the presentation package is superb, a high remark of legendary Malaysian death metal release.

Front cover, on thick glossy cover, gatefold-type

Inside, muda remaja

Cover frenzy! Front cover, free poster, booklet. Takde gambar lain dah..

Hari ini dalam sejarah (tengok RTM1)

Hari esok dalam geografi

Lirik sikit-sikit..

Overall, memang best pegang LP ni..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Inside The Unreal LP 1993

Perhaps one of the most underrated band during their time, but how sarcastic it was to watch the increasing value of their not-so-well-received debut album today. That's the price of higher demand versus low supply. I hate to think  about it, but luckily, to have the chance to buy their LP version in low price.

Italian Electrocution was not very well-known I think in early years of existence. They also haven't appeared much in any fanzines back then. I remembered knowing them for the first time, when their album's flyer came to me, and the thing that captured my attention was their band picture, which fits the description of old-school death metal.

And during that time, perception was a very much important matter in valuing the first impression.

Electrocution plays death metal, and with limited number of OSDM bands from Italy, I guess they were among the best that Italian could produced. Most labeled them as technical death metal, but how technical it was in the 90s compared to Quo Vadis or Origin today? It makes 90s "technical" death metal a clown!

For me, Electrocution plays a little bit complex death metal. Not really technical, but the variety in drummings and solos here and there are making their music somehow above par.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Brink of Defeat 7"EP 2011
Gempita Records

Ok, it might not be a total review but to get a copy of their 7"EP in my hand pushed me to write something. Honestly, this EP hasn't been played yet and I had to download a promo song "Word of Siege", provided by Gempita Records themselves.

First off, to have a dedicated band in Malaysia is probably the hardest thing. Generally in metal genre, I've never seen any Malaysian bands who did survive on the commitment side. I've seen Suffercation, went through a great start with their "Day of Darkness", followed up with "Cryptic Existence", which I think another great album, but killed themselves in "In Sufferance". And God knows what happened then with the rock-and-anti-death-metal album (which I don't have and glad not to have it at all!).

A lot of great bands tried to be committed, but failed in some way. Sil-Khannaz, had them still survived, but it might be just a lucky draw because the vocalist had his own label and a great network with other labels (and I said this on my stand of NOT KNOWING HIM PERSONALLY). So, they have the advantage to release SO MANY "Best of" or "Compilation", but not so great in producing new tunes.

Humiliation is a bit different. Saying this, not because I have a great contact with the band themselves, but for me to see their target and determination, I would say that Humiliation had a great opportunity to bring Malaysian death metal to the world. My judgment came because of several rationales:

a) They put on their first MCD just a couple of months of establishment, shows their efforts in breaking the barrier between members, as only 2 of them are originally in a band before (Nightshaders).

b) Their first full-length came also few months after their MCD. And no tracks were taken from their MCD, which means they already had compositions along their way.

c) Their second full-length might due anytime in this year (looking at its pattern of aggressiveness, this is MY PROPHECY as they kept their secret between their balls!!)

d) They had the offer to play in open air festival in Germany this year, but had to decline due to clashing date with French Hellfest.

e) They don't talked much, action speaks louder than word!

Listening to their new tunes, I don't know about other thoughts, but I guess the Bolt Thrower-ish is much more heard, especially in the vocal side. I always thought it that way before, but that was before I listened to Grave "You'll Never See" again and again, so I put a lot of perception towards their music before this (MCD and first full-length) in between Grave and Bolt Thrower. But this track made me lean more into Bolt Thrower.

I might not be able to measure their success in terms of sales, dollars and cents. Neither can I recall any innovation in their music. But to measure their success in terms of hard works, commitment, I would rather say Humiliation has succeeded!

And the best thing, from my opinion, is you don't have to play technical, you don't need any complex concept in delivering your songs! All you need is the right attitude, spiced up with commitment.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MoU USIM-KIPSAS, 12 Julai 2011

Tarikh : 12 Julai 2011
Tempat : KIPSAS, Kuantan

L-R: Prof. Dato' Dr. Muhammad Muda (NC USIM), poser, Ust. Sulaiman Ismail (ex-KIPSAS, ex-Jordan MSA, USIM), Encik Haizuan (Pendaftar USIM)

L-R: Ust. Zawavi (Dekan Pusat Penyelidikan KIPSAS), Prof. Dr. Musa Ahmad (TNC Akademik dan Pengantarabangsaan USIM)

Kesimpulan: Kerdilnya rasa disekelilingi Prof. sekalian.. haha

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Blod-Draum Double CD Re-released 2009
Ars Magna Recordings

Perhaps the best Norwegian Death Metal band I've ever heard!

Norway, a land of frost and gloom, better known as the place where black metal reigns supreme. But whether we realize or not, Norway, did produced some good death metal bands. Ok, I mean who the hell consider 2 ducks in a flock of chicken. For me, having Cadaver from Norway had shown what death metal means in the land of black metal. Cadaver, among the first bands to sign with Earache. Although it's historical background is quite amusing, Cadaver failed to have all the attention from most of the record label, I guess. Darkthrone reigns, Burzum was legendary, and church-burning is assumed holy.

But it was in 1995 that I met Molested, a Norwegian band, who during that time, just released their Blod-Draum under Effigy Records. A friend bought it for a standard USD20.00 (shipping inclusive) and I got the chance to borrow and review it. During that time, USD20.00 is expensive for a standard currency exchange of MYR2.65-USD1.00. Why? Because I can find a lot more CDs for the price of USD15.00 to USD17.00, and limited purchasing power of course.

And now the price for original first pressed Blod-Draum USD50.00 and above in ebay. So much for the price the market supply and demand created!

A must-put in many re-released items, rehearsal photos!

Ok back to the band. I personally don't know much about them when I first had the chance to listen their debut. I missed both demos of them, I know nothing about their background, but one thing for sure, their death metal was very unique, vocals are deep growled, music is fast, and the guitar works amused me (rarely I pay attention, and loved, thr guitar works in any releases). Some songs also unique with the additional instruments, well, I don't really know what it was, but check out track number 5, "Blod-Draum". And more and more good things about the album can be found as we dive in the 1 hour journey of Blod-Draum.

Their band photo in original first press, nice hair man!!

I guess the talented musician embodied the band made this release is a must, even after 15 years of its original release! It has the Borknagar and Gorgoroth (haha!) members in it, particularly, it is not a band that stands on its own.

I feel that "Blod-Draum" re-release by Ars Magna was a wise step to ensure that people today have the opportunity and enough buying power to listen and obtain a copy of Molested to witness the heaviness of them.

Yeah, we are the grim-reaper, but we don't burn churches!

Original cover (Effigy Records)
Find a copy at Ars Magna Recordings, or just ebay.


Weeping Tears/ Chile Demo 1993
Hexateuctorment Productions (H.T. Production, Chile)

One of the England bands that I always looked for in the early 1990s.
I don't know much about the band itself. Along with Morbid Symphony, Malediction has spread throughout the world with its flyers of "System Fear" 7"EP (1990-Thrash Records) and "Mould of an Industrial Horizon" 7"EP (1991-MBR). Their music particularly has nothing special, except that it is simple death metal, semi-growl voices, not much blasting here and there, hey, it's 90s.

The thing that I don't understand about the band is that they have released 2 albums before "Tears That Precede Birth" (1993) and "The Millennium Cotillion" (1996), both I couldn't find anywhere on the virtual music store. The last thing I got from the band was advance tracks from the debut album, then I hear no news about them anymore.

By the way, stated this release as "Chile" demo 1993. I felt a bit awkward on this, since it is the same "Weeping Tears" demo, except that it was released by H/T Productions from Chile with different artwork. So I guess I just stick with the original demo title.

Malediction, for me, has nothing special with its music. Rather it was a nostalgic and coincidence for me to purchase this demo.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mythos "Pain Amplifier" re-release LP

MYTHOS, another band that caught my attention since their demo age, "Moulded in Clay" in 1993. Their debut was released by French Evil Omen Records in 1995 and became one of the legendary death metal release by a Finnish band. It's legendary is concluded due to its high market price in ebay.

Personally, "Pain Amplifier" is one of my all-time favorite metal release, its sounds, despite being below average in quality, contains heaviness that I was looking for in almost bands that I listen.

This is not a review, rather this is an egoistic nature of people to show off, haha. This is a re-release version of "Pain Amplifier" from Nuclear Winter Records (Greece). It contains the liner notes, something that I found precious since Mythos seldom appear in any of fanzines/magazines before.

Visit Nuclear Winter Records to obtain a copy now!!


Dusk MCD 1992
Relapse Records

One of the band that have a significant impact on my perception towards overall death/doom metal genre.

As everyone can see now, the "d" logo used in my profile derived from this band. dISEMBOWELMENT (as it used to be spelled) is always, one of a kind in its genre. I remembered getting their material through tape trading, it was their "Mourning September" demo. It was an ordinary death metal band.

I put my interest when I read a good review about their second demo in 1991, "Deep Sensory Procession into Aural Fate", in Polish Holocaust zine. I always wanted to buy the demo from the band themselves, but in the period when our purchasing power is highly limited, all we can do during that time was praying that our trading partner has the demo in exchanging with Malaysian bands.

I got to listen to "Dusk" MCD when I traded with Dale Roy, he did the Canadian Assault zine. A very nice person indeed. And during that time, I already knew that dISEMBOWELMENT is a band that I will never left behind in searching for materials to trade with.

I'll write later on my part of discovery with dISEMBOWELMENT, most probably in the sense of holding their first and only album in my hand, and the opportunity to interview Jason Kells, guitarist, for my zine.

But it is nearly 20 years later that I got the chance to buy the "Dusk" MCD. Although it's presentation is below mediocre, I think it's best to suit the principle of "MCD" during that time.

"Dusk" MCD offers us 3 songs, "The Tree of Life and Death", "A Burial at Ornans" and "Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shore". The first 2 songs were taken from their  "Deep Sensory Procession into Aural Fate" while the 3 song was previously unreleased, recorded in 1992. Both first and second songs are much more raw and heavier in sounds compared to their album (all 3 songs are included in their 1993's "Transcendence into the Peripheral")

For those who never listen to dISEMBOWELMENT, they played doom metal, a very heavy one, without much keyboards or other melodramatic elements. The vocals are very growl in nature, which I really like to emphasis, IT'S VERY GROWL! Probably most of my admiration go to the vocal parts in the band.

I guess dISEMBOWELMENT did their parts in influencing my overall direction in listening to metal. Although the world had produced more and more great bands today (Agalloch, for example), there will be only one dISEMBOWELMENT.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isu Lynas di Kuantan, Pahang

Agak kesuntukan masa sekarang ni untuk saya menulis.

Baru-baru ini, dicetuskan oleh Dr. Ben, yang menanyakan tentang isu Lynas.

Elok juga saya jelaskan pengalaman saya berkenaan dengan isu ini DALAM KONTEKS PEMAHAMAN SAYA YANG TERHAD SAHAJA. Perlu diingatkan bahawa isu ini telah menjadi isu politik, bukan isu persekitaran semata-mata. Dan apabila telah dipolitikkan dan dijadikan agenda oleh parti politik tertentu, maka saya rasa lebih selamat jika saya menghuraikan seminimum mungkin.

Anda boleh google untuk dapatkan bacaan berkenaan isu Lynas daripada banyak sumber lain, tetapi autentik ataupun tidak, ianya tetap menawarkan risiko kepada pembaca, risiko yang menentukan persepsi masing-masing, dan persepsi ini, sekiranya ditokok tambah dengan agenda politik, ia lebih menghasilkan reaksi negatif.

Jadi, seeloknya, kita bersihkan hati dan minda sebelum membaca sumber lain berkenaan dengan Lynas.

Lynas, pertama kali saya mendengar nama tersebut daripada seorang rakan yang turut bekerja di sebuah kilang milik Jepun di Gebeng, Kuantan. Memang rakan ini teman setia dari sekolah dahulu, Kutek nama panggilan manjanya. Pertama kali mendengar perkataan tersebut, saya jangkakan ejaan nama syarikat tersebut ialah "Lynase".

Sekiranya ada rakan-rakan yang bekerja di kawasan perindustrian Gebeng, sememangnya mereka telah mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut isu ini. Sudah lama ditimbulkan. Seingat saya, kami bercerita tentang Lynas di kedai kopi pada waktu melepak kami dalam 4 tahun lepas.

Kata rakan pada waktu itu, ada sebuah kilang yang akan dibuka di Gebeng, Australian company. Syarikat ini dikatakan dah puas memohon untuk dibuka kilang bagi memproses "sesuatu" di negara China, Vietnam, tetapi semuanya ditolak. Mohon kepada Malaysia, diterima, dan diletakkan pula di negeri Pahang. Dalam 14 negeri, Pahang juga dipilih.

Pada waktu itu, memproses "sesuatu" itu tidaklah saya fahami. Dan rakan saya juga tidak betul faham walaupun beliau bekerja dalam industri chemical. Yang nyatanya, kata beliau, proses tersebut akan menghasilkan sisa yang berbahaya, sebab tu syarikat tersebut tidak buat di Australia. Penjajah, mereka akan cari negara kelas ketiga, negara sedang membangun, untuk dicemarkan.

Begitulah cerita awal. Reaksi saya pada waktu itu? Marah! Sememangnya marah! Manakan tidak, sisa radioaktif ditinggalkan di negeri Pahang (rules!!!).

Tetapi masa silih berganti. Rakan saya telah berhenti kerja, dapat kerja di Arab Saudi selama 3 bulan, balik Kuantan, menganggur tiga bulan, kahwin, dan sehingga sekarang telah mendapat anak. Tiada lagi isu Lynas sepanjang tempoh itu. Andaian saya, kilang tersebut tidak jadi dibina akibat desakan masyarakat.

Saya masih tertanya juga dalam tahun 2010 kerana adik saya mendapat interview untuk bekerja di Lynas dalam bidang HR. Tapi adik saya menolak tawaran tersebut (opis cuma ada 2 orang, tak sanggup menghadapi kebosanan begitu).

Jadi, sekarang isu ini telah hangat menjadi debat ahli politik kampungan/ kedai kopi. Saya tidak berani untuk menjelaskan dengan lebih lanjut, bukan kerana saya berpihak kepada mana-mana parti.

Pendapat saya? Anda pernah mendengar konsep utilitarian dalam ilmu etika? Greatest good for the greatest number of people? Sekiranya betul kajian telah dibuat dan menunjukkan tiada risiko kilang tersebut, dan ianya berupaya menjanakan pendapatan kepada negara, peluang pekerjaan kepada masyarakat, maka silakanlah. Bukan satu, tetapi 10 kilang sekalipun saya akan bersetuju.

Masalahnya, apa berlaku sekiranya apa yang diwar-warkan kebaikan dan jaminan keselamatan kilang ini tidak betul? Siapa akan bertanggungjawab? Saya pernah terbaca satu artikel yang menyatakan bahawa pemprosesan produk Lynas ini memang selamat. Apa yang tidak selamat ialah by-product daripada proses yang dijalankan. Jadi,kajian terhadap keselamatan kilang, memang la selamat sebab kilang masih belum beroperasi, tiada lagi produk sampingan yang dilepaskan.

Maka, sekiranya benar ia berbahaya, apa akan berlaku pada anak cucu Pahang kelak?

Sudah panjang tulisan saya. Konklusi saya bergantung kepada anda yang membaca. Seperti yang saya katakan, saya tidak menulis berdasarkan mana-mana political standpoint, tetapi lebih kepada pengetahuan saya yang terhad.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Humiliation "Brink of Defeat" 7"EP Available Now!!!

For fans of old school death metal.
Yang tak suka complex structure..
Senang cerita, yang buta muzik macam aku, layan OSDM lagi best!