Friday, July 8, 2011

Mythos "Pain Amplifier" re-release LP

MYTHOS, another band that caught my attention since their demo age, "Moulded in Clay" in 1993. Their debut was released by French Evil Omen Records in 1995 and became one of the legendary death metal release by a Finnish band. It's legendary is concluded due to its high market price in ebay.

Personally, "Pain Amplifier" is one of my all-time favorite metal release, its sounds, despite being below average in quality, contains heaviness that I was looking for in almost bands that I listen.

This is not a review, rather this is an egoistic nature of people to show off, haha. This is a re-release version of "Pain Amplifier" from Nuclear Winter Records (Greece). It contains the liner notes, something that I found precious since Mythos seldom appear in any of fanzines/magazines before.

Visit Nuclear Winter Records to obtain a copy now!!

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  1. ini album best... cover carcass tu antara yang menarik.