Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Inside The Unreal LP 1993

Perhaps one of the most underrated band during their time, but how sarcastic it was to watch the increasing value of their not-so-well-received debut album today. That's the price of higher demand versus low supply. I hate to think  about it, but luckily, to have the chance to buy their LP version in low price.

Italian Electrocution was not very well-known I think in early years of existence. They also haven't appeared much in any fanzines back then. I remembered knowing them for the first time, when their album's flyer came to me, and the thing that captured my attention was their band picture, which fits the description of old-school death metal.

And during that time, perception was a very much important matter in valuing the first impression.

Electrocution plays death metal, and with limited number of OSDM bands from Italy, I guess they were among the best that Italian could produced. Most labeled them as technical death metal, but how technical it was in the 90s compared to Quo Vadis or Origin today? It makes 90s "technical" death metal a clown!

For me, Electrocution plays a little bit complex death metal. Not really technical, but the variety in drummings and solos here and there are making their music somehow above par.


  1. "And during that time, perception was a very much important matter in valuing the first impression"

    so true...cover, thank list or even band logo boleh buat jatuh cinta...then lepas beli...menyumpah...heheh...

  2. boleh tahan. Tapi serius tak penah dengar nama band ni hehe