Friday, July 15, 2011


Brink of Defeat 7"EP 2011
Gempita Records

Ok, it might not be a total review but to get a copy of their 7"EP in my hand pushed me to write something. Honestly, this EP hasn't been played yet and I had to download a promo song "Word of Siege", provided by Gempita Records themselves.

First off, to have a dedicated band in Malaysia is probably the hardest thing. Generally in metal genre, I've never seen any Malaysian bands who did survive on the commitment side. I've seen Suffercation, went through a great start with their "Day of Darkness", followed up with "Cryptic Existence", which I think another great album, but killed themselves in "In Sufferance". And God knows what happened then with the rock-and-anti-death-metal album (which I don't have and glad not to have it at all!).

A lot of great bands tried to be committed, but failed in some way. Sil-Khannaz, had them still survived, but it might be just a lucky draw because the vocalist had his own label and a great network with other labels (and I said this on my stand of NOT KNOWING HIM PERSONALLY). So, they have the advantage to release SO MANY "Best of" or "Compilation", but not so great in producing new tunes.

Humiliation is a bit different. Saying this, not because I have a great contact with the band themselves, but for me to see their target and determination, I would say that Humiliation had a great opportunity to bring Malaysian death metal to the world. My judgment came because of several rationales:

a) They put on their first MCD just a couple of months of establishment, shows their efforts in breaking the barrier between members, as only 2 of them are originally in a band before (Nightshaders).

b) Their first full-length came also few months after their MCD. And no tracks were taken from their MCD, which means they already had compositions along their way.

c) Their second full-length might due anytime in this year (looking at its pattern of aggressiveness, this is MY PROPHECY as they kept their secret between their balls!!)

d) They had the offer to play in open air festival in Germany this year, but had to decline due to clashing date with French Hellfest.

e) They don't talked much, action speaks louder than word!

Listening to their new tunes, I don't know about other thoughts, but I guess the Bolt Thrower-ish is much more heard, especially in the vocal side. I always thought it that way before, but that was before I listened to Grave "You'll Never See" again and again, so I put a lot of perception towards their music before this (MCD and first full-length) in between Grave and Bolt Thrower. But this track made me lean more into Bolt Thrower.

I might not be able to measure their success in terms of sales, dollars and cents. Neither can I recall any innovation in their music. But to measure their success in terms of hard works, commitment, I would rather say Humiliation has succeeded!

And the best thing, from my opinion, is you don't have to play technical, you don't need any complex concept in delivering your songs! All you need is the right attitude, spiced up with commitment.


  1. Originality is not a priority anymore these days. We don't expect any of that from Malaysian bands, rather, that effort which is very hard to commit.

    Bravo to Humiliation though I am no fan to their music.

  2. mcd dgn full length memang aku dah beli..tapi yang ni rilis dalam vinyl alamatnya melopong jelah sebab xde vinyl player..

    aku dah dua kali tengok dorang perform,memang best..yang paling best sebab dorang hanya bawak lagu sdiri dan xkan main lagu cover,walaupun kerap diasak crowd utk bwk lagu bolt trower..hehehe

  3. Dr. Ben: Will we get the same from DIED? Hehehe..

    darkshahrulez: Yup, takkan main cover song. Mungkin satu sebab diorang jadi lebih cepat, tak payah pikir nak main lagu orang lain, asal rehearse je, terus fikir lagu sendiri. Other bands mungkin beria nak cover lagu orang.

    By the way, Japan tour is expected hujung tahun ni, 3 dates bro!!!!