Sunday, July 10, 2011


Weeping Tears/ Chile Demo 1993
Hexateuctorment Productions (H.T. Production, Chile)

One of the England bands that I always looked for in the early 1990s.
I don't know much about the band itself. Along with Morbid Symphony, Malediction has spread throughout the world with its flyers of "System Fear" 7"EP (1990-Thrash Records) and "Mould of an Industrial Horizon" 7"EP (1991-MBR). Their music particularly has nothing special, except that it is simple death metal, semi-growl voices, not much blasting here and there, hey, it's 90s.

The thing that I don't understand about the band is that they have released 2 albums before "Tears That Precede Birth" (1993) and "The Millennium Cotillion" (1996), both I couldn't find anywhere on the virtual music store. The last thing I got from the band was advance tracks from the debut album, then I hear no news about them anymore.

By the way, stated this release as "Chile" demo 1993. I felt a bit awkward on this, since it is the same "Weeping Tears" demo, except that it was released by H/T Productions from Chile with different artwork. So I guess I just stick with the original demo title.

Malediction, for me, has nothing special with its music. Rather it was a nostalgic and coincidence for me to purchase this demo.

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  1. Ni pun pernah dengar dulu tapi dah tak ingat camana bunyinya.