Sunday, July 10, 2011


Blod-Draum Double CD Re-released 2009
Ars Magna Recordings

Perhaps the best Norwegian Death Metal band I've ever heard!

Norway, a land of frost and gloom, better known as the place where black metal reigns supreme. But whether we realize or not, Norway, did produced some good death metal bands. Ok, I mean who the hell consider 2 ducks in a flock of chicken. For me, having Cadaver from Norway had shown what death metal means in the land of black metal. Cadaver, among the first bands to sign with Earache. Although it's historical background is quite amusing, Cadaver failed to have all the attention from most of the record label, I guess. Darkthrone reigns, Burzum was legendary, and church-burning is assumed holy.

But it was in 1995 that I met Molested, a Norwegian band, who during that time, just released their Blod-Draum under Effigy Records. A friend bought it for a standard USD20.00 (shipping inclusive) and I got the chance to borrow and review it. During that time, USD20.00 is expensive for a standard currency exchange of MYR2.65-USD1.00. Why? Because I can find a lot more CDs for the price of USD15.00 to USD17.00, and limited purchasing power of course.

And now the price for original first pressed Blod-Draum USD50.00 and above in ebay. So much for the price the market supply and demand created!

A must-put in many re-released items, rehearsal photos!

Ok back to the band. I personally don't know much about them when I first had the chance to listen their debut. I missed both demos of them, I know nothing about their background, but one thing for sure, their death metal was very unique, vocals are deep growled, music is fast, and the guitar works amused me (rarely I pay attention, and loved, thr guitar works in any releases). Some songs also unique with the additional instruments, well, I don't really know what it was, but check out track number 5, "Blod-Draum". And more and more good things about the album can be found as we dive in the 1 hour journey of Blod-Draum.

Their band photo in original first press, nice hair man!!

I guess the talented musician embodied the band made this release is a must, even after 15 years of its original release! It has the Borknagar and Gorgoroth (haha!) members in it, particularly, it is not a band that stands on its own.

I feel that "Blod-Draum" re-release by Ars Magna was a wise step to ensure that people today have the opportunity and enough buying power to listen and obtain a copy of Molested to witness the heaviness of them.

Yeah, we are the grim-reaper, but we don't burn churches!

Original cover (Effigy Records)
Find a copy at Ars Magna Recordings, or just ebay.


  1. yang aku ingat masa dengar dulu2 album ni macam brutal death metal swedish + US style... takde la black metal kan?

  2. takde langsung elemen black metal. tu yg best pasal diorang punya muzik lain dari typical norwegian black metal wave masa tu..