Sunday, August 28, 2011


Awakening of the G*ds CD 2009
Pulverised Records

Ah, Seance it is? Instead of having an above-average brutality in their 1992 debut "Fornever Laid To Rest", Seance had managed to keep abreast with the wave of "reforming-bands-after-being-dead-for-more-than-15-years" with who-knows purposes. I probably one of their fan when they released their debut in 1992, but 1993's "Saltrubbed Eyes" was a bit disappointing. Their disappearance since then was perhaps the exact moment to do so. But bear in mind that this band is from Sweden. There are no way that they were quitting the scene so easily. They involved in so many bands like Witchery, Satanic Slaughter and so on and so forth.

Having to know their reformation and signing under neighborhood country, Singapore, makes me feel that it is the perfect timing to get the place utility in gaining a copy of this CD. But Pulverised Records did have a bad history in my life. Their first release was AMON AMARTH "Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" MCD 1996 (ASH001), and I was one of the buyer who get ripped off. The shit thing is to know how much is that the digipak valued today.

Well, enough about the past. Pulverised had become one of the leading old-school death metal label in Southeast Asia, and it's fine by me.

To know Seance is releasing their 3rd album was a great shock to me, realizing that the band was once been my playlist and to know that they are back. Unfortunately, when the first time I was playing this CD, I didn't have the feeling like it was really Seance. The most noticeable was the sound of the whole recording. It doesn't feel right. But to offset the dissatisfaction, I concluded that it was their progression and technological contribution produced a more raw guitar sounds with weird structure.

Seance is trying to introduce a more new-Seance with new sound and song structures. I guess it was a good thing and my overall judgment toward this album is somewhat positive. The lost of traditional feeling is perhaps lies in my perception, not the others. Definitely, this one will not be forever in my playlist, but if you are looking for new sounds, new structures, old attitude, combined with sheer aggressiveness, this album might be one you should dig.

In addition, Pulverised had a good producing team, but I just cannot stand the glossy booklet because it's reflection. But who really cares, right? Oh, and I just hate the super jewel case!!

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