Monday, August 22, 2011


Climbing My Sky MCD 1996
Machine God Records

In the mid to end of 90s, there was a wave which I personally defined as "the wave of mediocre death metal", which originated from the emerging bands from obscure places. Czech Republic was one of them. The well versed across the underground scene in the early 90s are Master's Hammer and Root should I say. But the mid 90s, came the wave of Melancholy Pessimism, Sad Harmony, etc.

Vacuum is another name that started in the scene in 1994, but it was their 1996 MCD that caught my attention during that day. I remembered having their MCD in promo tape format, and as most average Czech bands, they do not impress me much.

The same goes when I got the opportunity to buy this CD at a cheap price, it doesn't really change my perception and opinion toward their music. It's a lame doom death tunes, with emphasis on keyboards to create the atmosphere of doom. It's more a Celestial Season-alike, a death doom with a lot of feebleness.

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