Saturday, September 3, 2011


General Surgery
Necrology CD 1993
Relapse Records: Underground Series

A release that I longed sought for. Recently won from eBay and been one hell of a playlist!

General Surgery, the name was well-known as a Carcass-clone back in early 90s. It's hard to track back from which I get to know them, but I guess most probably from fanzines. The tape trading circle helped me to get their demos (although not in original format), which the demo was once freely distributed in mp3 format from their website.

There is nothing much to say about GS. Despite having strong fundamental in underground scene back in early 90s, their seriousness in releasing materials was questionable since it took them about 17 years after forming to release their full length. "Necrology" was release as a 7"EP, which then also been pressed into CD format by Relapse.

So, it is a waste of time to review something released back in 1993, when everybody is referring GS as Carcass-clone. They were!

Sadly, their first full length "Left Hand Pathology" was not really a masterpiece as what "Necrology" was.

Maybe the masterpiece of "Necrology" resulted from high demand and low supply, causing rarity and scarcity.

Anyway, from their website came the news:

Here’s the press release from Relapse Records:

GENERAL SURGERY: ‘Necrology’ To See Official Re-Issue

Relapse Records will re-issue GENERAL SURGERY’s 1991 debut EP Necrology this June. The long-out-print EP has been completely remastered by Scott Hull and repackaged with three previously unreleased bonus tracks. The Necrology re-issue will be available on June 21st on CD and digitally and is up for pre-order now at this location.

GENERAL SURGERY, one of the first bands to carry on along CARCASS’ gore-grind path, formed in 1988. After releasing Necrology, the band was mostly inactive until 2003 when they began recording and touring again.”

Not only will the EP be re-relase on CD with bonus tracks (all three songs from Demo 2 1990), the same tracks will also come out on a limited 10″ vinyl later in the year.


Ominous Lamentation
Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
Grotesque Laceration of Mortified Flesh
Severe Catatonia in Pathology
Crimson Concerto
The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemmorhage
An Orgy of Flying Limbs and Gore

Bonus tracks from ”Pestisferous Anthropophagia”, Demo 2 1990:

Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemmorhage
Grotesque Laceration of Mortified Flesh