Friday, September 30, 2011


Gracefallen CD 1999
Avantgarde Music

It's been a quite long time since my last post. Today is a trial of posting something to get myself disciplined in the world of writing, as far as academically concern, although the career development path in this world is still in vague. That's the problem with working under private HLI, you cannot push yourself to develop because the "environment" is not there.

Nevertheless, I think it is a fine excuse..

To gain back the momentum is hard, try me!

Recently I had the chance to buy a bulk of Unholy's CDs, for a reasonable price. With it I got to collect all 3 latest releases of them. By the way, Unholy is a Finnish doom metal band, who started its foundation in the underground scene since 1990 with their "Procession of Black Doom" Demo. I still remember reading the review in a fanzine (forgot the name already). To me, their steps in doom-industry started clearly with their third demo "Trip to Depressive Autumn" (1991), which brought them to their first signing with Austrian Lethal Records for their first debut, "From The Shadow" (1993).

To be precise, Unholy plays ultimately doom, not much funeral-doom-alike, but it's a great reminiscence of what English doom offered. Compared with My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost, Unholy is less poetic, less doom, a little bit of failure in song structures, and all of these statements are proofs of my tendencies to be biased in evaluating them.

Furthermore, Finland does not produce good doom bands! Name like God Forsaken, Thergothon might be among the good ones, Unholy is not an exception. But for a person to compare doom with the English bands, I'd say that Finnish is (and should) concentrate more on death metal. Yeah, they're good at that with Purtenance, Demigod, etc.

Overall, this final (for this moment) release from Unholy indicates that they are not much evolving. Which for me is quite good because the evolution in doom bands, usually, producing results of mellow music, non-metal, and gay. I hope to see Unholy releasing material again.


  1. I vaguely remember this album. Very slow yet punishingly heavy to the point which I can't endure.

    Not for everyone.

  2. ada ala2 depressing...moody..macam Pearl Jam tak?

    Ntah la...I always thought that grunge and doom ni macam adik beradik...bands macam Soundgarden, Alice in Chains had some very doomy elements in their musical style...slow, grinding guitars with dropped tuning...kan lebih kurang tu...

    betul tak?

  3. haha, rasanya mcm tak sesuai utk kaitkan grunge dengan doom, even sometimes soundgarden pun ada elemen of doomy slow gitu. ntah la bang.. abang lebih mengetahui.. haha

  4. doom adalah muzik grunge yang diberatkan...manakalan grunge adalah muzik doom yang diringankan...

    tu pasal dua2 pun aku tak berapa nak masuk...hahaha...