Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Beginning Of Times CD 2011
Nuclear Blast Records

As one of my most anticipated record of the year, Amorphis latest album finally is in my hand after about 4 months it's on the street. Since their official single went out (see here) and the waiting is finally paid off.

At first glimpse, "TBOT" seems to wipe out its predecessor "Skyforger" in term of package expectation. It seems to be a complete bonus of goodness, melancholic, intermediate heaviness, an album that we (yes I mean WE!) can rock on together. There is no specific target market to accept this album, it's not concentrated on old school fans, neither to only for those who love atmospheric sonicscapes.

Cool thing about Amorphis is I can never expect what to arrive in the next track and this thing will go on and on until the last the 13th track "Heart's Song". That, I think, is a beauty of progressive and innovative, you can never expect what is next. Even some may say that "Skyforger" is heavy (I was once thought of that too), "TBOT" has the same element and level of heaviness, but still the mellow, atmospheric and melodic part are here and there. And one thing for sure, "TBOT" has more growl vocals since they've been slowing in "Far From The North".

Some tracks that really inspire me are "Battle For Light", "You I Need", "Soothsayer" and "Three Words", but I feel that the whole album would become my favorite if I am patient enough not to review this now. But what the heck, I think you guys should give this a try!


  1. cover album lebih kurang Wolfmother "Cosmic Egg"..

  2. Haha.. agreed! Even first time dengar pasal Wolfmother. Thanks!