Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hiding Fear
Dark Pleasure of Imagination Demo 2010
Evil Institution Records

The last release from a Pahang band that I am aware of was AtomicDeath "Missile Massacre" (2009) tape. It was pure thrash, and as a citizen from a state that doesn't produce good metal bands (yes, except we are spearheading a mega project of Lynas which said to be able to generate more income to the state, but never said anything on how to get rid of the chemical residues after the so-called "nadir bumi" been processed).

I first read about Hiding Fear from Faithcraft, once read that the band came from Kuala Lipis, it arouses my interest due to the fact that the town of Kuala Lipis is an obscure one. The town used to be Pahang's Royal Town before it went to Pekan, that was long before I was born. Kuala Lipis is well-known with Pahang traditional dishes, especially the river fish (Patin, Kerai, etc). The town itself is far from sea, so most of their fish delicacies are from river source.

Back to the music.

It's actually hard to define what Hiding Fear is playing. I said this on proper behalf as a listener whose knowledge on the town's facilities in jamming and rehearsing is limited. The northern side of Pahang (Kuala Lipis, Raub and Bentong) is obscure places, without so much bands that I know. Only Catarrh and Bazzah were from that side of places.

This demo quality is bad especially from the sound aspect. Although I am not familiar with recording processes, unfortunately this is the one of the releases in the new age of sophistication that poor, live version recording took place. The song structures are, unfortunately again, bad from my opinion. The guitars sounds are so low until I cannot hear it properly. I cannot comment on the skills, but the total 6 songs in this demo clarify that their skills need to be polished.

The only thing that I can say above average is their drumming, which I think not to bad considering the below average their total music was.

Overall, I can say that I am impressed with their determination to record and release something although they are coming from a town without proper metal accommodation (studio, record stores, etc), and I do like to see this band to continue as a good band, good skills and good releases.

Don't stop! Please do whatever it takes to evolve!

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