Thursday, October 6, 2011


Seek To Survive CD 2011
Ultra Hingax Production

Ok, here it comes. The review with full of bias and conditioned wordings from the useless reviewer..

Track 1: Where It All Begins (Intro)
Unlike their previous releases, the introduction came with a slow doomy music, originally composed to create the atmosphere of Amorphis-alike in their early Karelian Isthmus-sound, which previous release's intro appeared as a form of narration/trumpets/battle sounding. So simple, but enough to play its role as an introduction.

Track 2: Lost Contact
Starting as usual Bolt Thrower-ish riffings and double bass drummings. Simple lyric to touch on in-battle-situation where lost contact might took place. It cannot be implemented in socially losing contact with other friends and families because if that so, you might end up talking about facebook. The opening song is intermediate in speed, the double bass drums play perfectly. The aggressiveness appeared when it arrives to the end part of music, but it is still not in the to-notch aggression.

Track 3: With One Objective
Something that started without Bolt Thrower-ish. It reminds me a lot to Japanese Intestine Baalism when I first hear their sound in this track. Guitar works are more variant this time. I rarely heard this kind of riffs in their other works before.

Track 4: Death March
One that attract my immediate attention, the intro contains a bit of melodic riff, which continues to the normal Humiliation sound. I'd say that the early riff reminds me a lot to Amorphis, again in the Karelian era. The rest of the track is within Bolt Thrower, Asphyx range, but without the aggressiveness. So I might say that this track only attract me in the early seconds, but the rest, it became a normal Humiliation.

Track 5: Towards The Target
Over the first 30 seconds are filled with solo in tandem with Arabian-alike sounds. Another trademark which can be found in their first album.

Track 6: Dawn Of The Dead
The title makes me think that "this might be their first track EVER without BATTLE/WAR lyric", but it absolutely false! It still touches the war theme, concentrating on the madness of war and post-war tragedy, if I'm not mistaken. Again, a simple arrangement song by Humiliation presented in perfectly combination of instruments. It is a factor that makes simple song became complex in hearing.

Track 7: Hellfire Pass
Perhaps the track with the less aggressiveness. The arrangement mistakenly stated that this is track number 8, while actually it is the 7th track.

Track 8: High Fliers
Starting with catchy sound. This track probably the best and easy-to-digest track from my opinion. I think this track most suitable to hear when you are driving to your office in the morning. It arouses the sense of working (but I will not be held liable if you got into troubles in any way while you are driving, and if will you not have the same sense if you're listening at 4.45pm).

Track 9: Judgmental To Kill
As a human being, the laziness is never been separated with me. Therefore, as you can see the review is getting shorter and shorter as tracks passed by. This is because by the time the track goes on and on, you'll get the picture of what the total music in a CD is all about. The 9th track offers nothing in special, but it came to the ultimate conclusion of what "Seek To Survive" is all about.

Track 10: Observation Post
Just before you are going to conclude the overall CD, this track starts with a little bit of energy thus it opened my mind towards the level of aggression contains in Humiliation. This song is quite heavy from my opinion, but it also contains pauses here and there to let the guitar works go through.

Track 11: Pasir Panjang Ridge
Another song with less aggressiveness. I think it properly put in the end of the album

Track 12: And There's No End (Outro)
A continuation of what the intro offered.

Overall, this CD is a MUST for someone who are looking for true old school, death metal, without doubt! If you said that you are a Bolt Thrower, Grave, Asphyx fans, to miss Humiliation is considered as being a poser for the rest of your life!


  1. Good to hear this band consistently releasing CDs and play at countries where few Malaysian bands braved enough to go.

  2. Hails to Humiliation and greetings to my old friend of Devourment of Souls!! Long may your flame burn bright my metal brothers!


    Dale / Canadian Assault 'zine

  3. bro, hg ada nak jual ka album ni?? aku berminat!!!