Friday, December 23, 2011

HUMILIATION dan review gig..

Bukan saya yang review, cuma sedutan daripada website mengenai gig 3 Disember 2011 di Bangkok:

Malaysia’s Humiliation were next, as the five-piece old school, warfare-themed death metal band brought the chugging, rolling, mid-paced Bolt Thrower and Jungle Rot inspired tunes in a huge way that left the audience calling for an encore for the first time. You can always tell how well a band has won over a crowd by how much merch they sling after their set, and Humiliation sold out each of the full lengths, EPs, and seven-inch records they carted in with them, not to mention all their shirts. I went home with one of everything they had and can only tip my hat and say, “Well done.” All the bands destroyed, but Humiliation might have had the set of the fest.
Mungkin satu Malaysia perlu menaruh harapan pada band sebegini. Selepas tour Jepun mereka, terus ke Bangkok. Saya tumpang berbangga. 31 Disember ini di Ampang bersama Wormrot..


  1. Memang tabik. Dengar cerita DIED pun nak ikut jejak yang sama ;)

  2. Moga berjaya dengan DIED.. Gua dah pesan 2 copy DIED memandangkan hanya 25 copy yg dirilis.. Haha.. Maut punya rarities..

  3. ..31hb?..Adeh aku dah balik Ipoh le plakk..