Sunday, December 4, 2011

Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius) called the day off..

Saya masih meminati karya Timo Tolkki dalam Stratovarius. Tapi sebagaimana yang diwar-warkan, memang kreativiti beliau semakin menghilang selepas album

Album Stratovarius (di mana hampir 95% lagu dikarang oleh beliau) yang amat saya minati ialah "Episode" (1996), "Visions" (1997) dan "Destiny" (1998). Pada album "Infinite" (2000), telah mula berkurangan kerana lagunya hampir sama, semakin perlahan, kurang melodik.

Saya petik kata-kata beliau daripada sumber (sila klik di sini untuk bacaan penuh):

"When I got the sales figures from Edel Records [for the debut SYMFONIA album] and the report from the booking agency for the festivals of summer 2012, I decided to call it a day. It didnt make any sense to try to 'conquer' the metal world since it was obvious that there was not enough interest. Don't get me wrong, it's totally cool if there is no interest. Then I thought about my career. Around 3000 gigs, 20 years, 20 CDs, productions, clinics, travelling. I realised that I have done a lot.

"I guess most of you know that I am suffereing from bipolar disorder, one of the worst mental disorders, but with medication and non-stressful lifestyle, this illness can be controlled but never cured. Playing in a touring band is far from 'non stressful lifestyle' and in fact the rock 'n' roll life itself is manic with its highs and lows.

"In those long STRATOVARIUS tours being undiagnosed with the illlness, I could have died. I am not kidding.

"[On March 3] next year I will be 46.

"This autumn I made a decision to take some time off from music business and concentrate on something else.

"I have a wonderful wife and daughter, who also happens to be a world-class singer. I started giving guitar lessons again. I'm taking lots of photos. In other words, living quite normal life.

"I do realize the marks the years have left in me and that I should rest and heal the wounds. There is a lot to heal.

"The music business is in extremely sick state in this moment and it's not gonna get any better. In a few years we will know what kind of form it will take. Maybe I one day take some part of it, maybe I don't. I really don't know at the moment.

"So what about my future? If you are interested in that, I can only say that it is possible that I will never record anything again. For some of you this might come as a relief.

"I don't know what the future will hold for me but I want to thank all of you who have supported me in these 22 some years.

"For you who haven't supported me and continuosly are mocking me, for example at Stratoboard ([the official STRATOVARIUS message board] which makes me really sad mainly due lack of respect from a band that was my vision for 22 years and that still plays 80% of my songs although there is two guys left in the band called STRATOVARIUS), I also want to thank you because without you guys, I could never have done everything I have done.

"It's been a great career. I hope the future brings more music, but most likely it will not. But still after all I can say... I did it my way.

Jadi, adakah bahawa scene metal semakin musnah? Apa yang memusnahkannya? Sikap? Teknologi? Masyarakat? Ekonomi? Apapun, saya memang sedang menulis post berkaitan kemusnahan scene metal tempatan daripada perspektif seorang pendengar biasa.

Dan saya masih memainkan CD Stratovarius sehinnga sekarang. Terima kasih kepada Russlan SSVS (Upanishad zine, Perlis) kerana memperkenalkan band ini kepada saya pada tahun 1997.


  1. terimakasih jugak kepada En Hafiz yang mengenalkan saya pada Stratovarius...