Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's got to be a bootleg!

It seems that the effort of bootleggers goes beyond boundaries!

I just got a so-called "Abhorer Demo and 7"EP" digipak CD, which merely just a CDR pressed, with covers of the digipak creatively printed in hard, thick paper, then folded, glued together to form a digipak-alike, with one bend between 2 panels. The most creative part, I must say that I am impressed, is the CD holder glued to the "digipak" is taken from slim jewel case where you can actually see the broken part at the edge of the jewel case.

So, the questions, is it really a Blackwinds Productions or just another stupid ignorance attempt to convert the demo and 7"EP's mp3 to a CDR, and print the cover using color printer, and voila! Here is the rarest gem on earth!

"Stupid is as stupid does", says Forrest..