Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jangan agung selebriti barat..

Merujuk kepada event "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" di KIPSAS baru-baru ini..
Sila baca dengan lebih lanjut di laman web Sinar Harian.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dutch bands: A hypothetical analysis from an idiot

The world of metal, it is huge, sort of a "set semesta" to me, and Malaysian scene is a small "subset" of it. Nevertheless, there are other subsets, which we can measure in terms of its size. If a Math teacher teaches us about sets, most probably the sizes are same.

In reality, it doesn't!

From the whole population of metal, there are subsets which can be clustered either by types of metal or country of origin. Metal-archives did well on this. But labeling is the most common method used to cluster metal bands that I do not agree. Labeling sucks, it limits our view towards the whole metal music. But it still a need to label the music in order to gain, penetrate and capture the market attention.

I don't know much about labeling music. As long as it is acceptable, then it is fine.

Last couple of days I listened a lot to Dutch bands, such as Callenish Circle, Celestial Season, Phlebotomized, Gutwrench, Pentacle, to name a few. I noticed that Dutch bands are quite different from other mega-metal-scene-producing-bands such as German, Sweden, Norway or Finland. Nevertheless, I could notice several aspects of differentiation and specialization among those European countries, that I would like to deep further in later posts.

I started to dig into Holland/Netherlands/Dutch scene in the early 90s with, of course, Asphyx, Sinister and the likes. In the mid 90s, the bands popped out ranging from Death to Doom to Black, with Callenish Circle, Pentacle, Bifrost, Deinonychus, etc. I guess the scene was quite strong up there during that time for several reasons:

  1. Europe has always been the good producer of metal bands.
  2. Good studios, such as Beaufort Studio with good producer (Han Swagerman) always play important role. Even the demos had albums quality (Callenich Circle "Lovelorn" would be the best to describe).
  3. Mobility. The geographical area of Europe, including the move of economic liberalization since the early 90s, had made it easier to access and move from one country to another, resulting more and more openness to experience of what German, Sweden, Finland and Norway had.

 There might be lots more that what the idiot can write. Perhaps instead of looking at Swedish Death Metal alone (book wrote by Daniel Eskeroth) or "Encyclopedia of Svensk Dodsmetal" (by Nicola Constantin), the whole Europe should get one big encyclopedia, an never left out the Dutch bands.

The point is, how about Malaysia? Are there enough materials to produce a reference to Malaysian rock/metal scene?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Bukan pasal movie, mahupun lagu tersebut yang saya tak pernah beri tumpuan.

Berkenaan program Bicara Persada "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" yang dianjurkan oleh JAIP bertempat di KIPSAS pada hari Selasa baru ini.

Program tersebut menampilkan ahli-ahli panel terkenal seperti Shamril Salleh (Sham Kamikaze), Ustaz Don Danial, Ustaz Syed Norhisyam dan Ustaz Badlishah selaku moderator.

Seperti kebiasaan, Sham perform ringkas dalam 4 minit setelah tamat program sebagai satu metod dakwah beliau, menarik perhatian remaja.

Ustaz Don Daniel

Full house

Soru time, Sham banyak cerita pasal gitar hasil asakan soalan dari Ustaz Don dan gua sendiri

Legend (belah kiri)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Master Jedi Promo 2008

I think there will be moments when you started to feel bore and took your efforts to at least play something after some while of not playing it. I guess that's what happened with Bentara, a solo project by Bentara himself (ex-Langsuyr, ex-Vociferation Eternity, ex-Infernal Flame, hmm, what else).

Honestly, I am not sure regarding this release. Of course, it is a one-man show, a bedroom artist, trying to make something useful from the use of technology. The result? I'd rather say it is a good effort, the riffs are good. I followed and love Langsuir since the early days, and all the riffs, they are simple yet a little bit catchy. Except for track 2, Jebat, I think the riffs are quite childish for a mega song-title it carries.

Bad things do happen. I thought the vocals are terrible! No offense, but it has to be taken seriously if the band is heading towards a clear vision. Unless it's just a teaser, with a RM3 value, I guess it is ok. But with great riffs, I do, somehow, hope that there will be another of Bentara release, with proper vocals.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Paradise Lost new album revealed.

Excerpts from Hardrock Haven (here)

Hardrock Haven: I want to talk to you about life in the studio also, in 2009 you released a great album in "Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us" and the follow-up will be released this year. What can you tell us about that?

Nick Holmes: The new album is called "Tragic Idol". It has ten songs on it. I think that people seem to think that we're going into a more gothic direction, but it's a very "metal" album! I think it's a lot more metal than the last one, to be honest. It's very dark. It's got to be expected, we're not going to do anything out of the ordinary. We're really pleased with it. I was listening to it last night, actually… I can't wait for people to hear it and let us know their thoughts.

Hardrock Haven: "Tragic Idol"… I love the title. Tell us where that came from…

Nick Holmes: "Tragic Idol" is about how if someone is put on a pedestal and they somehow start to believe it, [when] really they're not. With the Internet and the way that media are now at the end of the day, we're all human beings, nobody's better than anybody else. Some are smarter, but that's about it! In England, people love to see people fall from grace. The bigger people get and the more successful that people get, people like to see them fall. I find that to be really sad. People help to get people to where they are, and once they get there, they just want to tear them down. It's a real Northern England thing in particular — everyone wants you to fail in Northern England, and you never get encouragement for anything in your life.

Hmm, let's see how P.Lost could ever sound more metal instead of what, as Mr. Nasaruddin said, more Pink Floyd-ish. Haha.. Will look forward on this!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Innovate or DIE!

Seminar Pembudayaan Inovasi Dalam Sektor Awam

Venue: Intan Wilayah Timur, Kemaman

Date: 7 Februari 2012

It's good though..

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thrashing Disorder MCD 2009
Sick Chainsaws Productions

disorder (/disˈôrdər/): A state of confusion, The disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior

Refer to the title of this MCD brought me 2 perspectives of either:

a) this MCD is totally a piece of shit that creates tension to the listeners' ears.
b) this MCD is totally thrash-frenzied kind-of music that, also creates tension.

I'd opt for the latter.

To have this 3 years after it's officially released on 7"EP format (which is now sold out) by Necromancer Records, is a bit pathetic. Yes, I mean I am a loser if that what you think. Tormentress break the barrier of gender issue in metal music, which obviously dominated by sapiens known as men.

Tormentress' 4-songs debut EP/MCD is a manifestation of what thrash metal is all about, regardless of the weaknesses in song writing, mixing and mastering (which I found out to be very minimum in this release). The heaviness of delivering the thrash metal in old school way is conducted in very professional manner.

And of course, they are sapiens known as women, whom we now know, will kick our asses of! The drums are good, guitar riffs are excellent, vocal-wise is in the range of Destruction-alike. What could we say more about this talented women.

Lyrics are the most important part in this release. I can sense the anger of disequilibrium in treating the women, probably most in the music scene. A straight forward hatred voiced out in frenzied thrash metal, what else can we say! These chicks really kick ass!

Tormentress is a star in their genre. I hope that it will shines, even among other stars with balls!

This MCD is released by Thai's Sick Chainsaw Productions. Recommended!