Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dutch bands: A hypothetical analysis from an idiot

The world of metal, it is huge, sort of a "set semesta" to me, and Malaysian scene is a small "subset" of it. Nevertheless, there are other subsets, which we can measure in terms of its size. If a Math teacher teaches us about sets, most probably the sizes are same.

In reality, it doesn't!

From the whole population of metal, there are subsets which can be clustered either by types of metal or country of origin. Metal-archives did well on this. But labeling is the most common method used to cluster metal bands that I do not agree. Labeling sucks, it limits our view towards the whole metal music. But it still a need to label the music in order to gain, penetrate and capture the market attention.

I don't know much about labeling music. As long as it is acceptable, then it is fine.

Last couple of days I listened a lot to Dutch bands, such as Callenish Circle, Celestial Season, Phlebotomized, Gutwrench, Pentacle, to name a few. I noticed that Dutch bands are quite different from other mega-metal-scene-producing-bands such as German, Sweden, Norway or Finland. Nevertheless, I could notice several aspects of differentiation and specialization among those European countries, that I would like to deep further in later posts.

I started to dig into Holland/Netherlands/Dutch scene in the early 90s with, of course, Asphyx, Sinister and the likes. In the mid 90s, the bands popped out ranging from Death to Doom to Black, with Callenish Circle, Pentacle, Bifrost, Deinonychus, etc. I guess the scene was quite strong up there during that time for several reasons:

  1. Europe has always been the good producer of metal bands.
  2. Good studios, such as Beaufort Studio with good producer (Han Swagerman) always play important role. Even the demos had albums quality (Callenich Circle "Lovelorn" would be the best to describe).
  3. Mobility. The geographical area of Europe, including the move of economic liberalization since the early 90s, had made it easier to access and move from one country to another, resulting more and more openness to experience of what German, Sweden, Finland and Norway had.

 There might be lots more that what the idiot can write. Perhaps instead of looking at Swedish Death Metal alone (book wrote by Daniel Eskeroth) or "Encyclopedia of Svensk Dodsmetal" (by Nicola Constantin), the whole Europe should get one big encyclopedia, an never left out the Dutch bands.

The point is, how about Malaysia? Are there enough materials to produce a reference to Malaysian rock/metal scene?


  1. that is a big task to be done... are you ready to take the first step?

  2. Among the few Dutch metal band that i know is pestilence,aspyx and God dethroned...god dethroned is very underated...too bad they have disbanded...

  3. flaming skull: yeah, that would be a great challenge, especially to gather all the materials needed to produce a book on Malaysian metal, and to find those old-school, old-timers who are willing to spend times to contribute. we have to remember, Malaysian metal market is quite big, but the purchasing power is so small. expect no profits on this!

    Anba: God Dethroned is a so underrated Dutch band, i don't know why but personally, their music is very heavy, especially their first "Christhunt". i remember read a lot of reviews on their demo and debut carrying the same title, but after that, they seems to be left out. i agree with your statement..

  4. i totally agree with you...should start by listing out the bands by is much better to organize it.