Saturday, February 11, 2012


Master Jedi Promo 2008

I think there will be moments when you started to feel bore and took your efforts to at least play something after some while of not playing it. I guess that's what happened with Bentara, a solo project by Bentara himself (ex-Langsuyr, ex-Vociferation Eternity, ex-Infernal Flame, hmm, what else).

Honestly, I am not sure regarding this release. Of course, it is a one-man show, a bedroom artist, trying to make something useful from the use of technology. The result? I'd rather say it is a good effort, the riffs are good. I followed and love Langsuir since the early days, and all the riffs, they are simple yet a little bit catchy. Except for track 2, Jebat, I think the riffs are quite childish for a mega song-title it carries.

Bad things do happen. I thought the vocals are terrible! No offense, but it has to be taken seriously if the band is heading towards a clear vision. Unless it's just a teaser, with a RM3 value, I guess it is ok. But with great riffs, I do, somehow, hope that there will be another of Bentara release, with proper vocals.


  1. Jebat childish riffs? Fuh... I thought that was one of my best arrangements together with Master Jedi.

    Vocals tu hahaha...

  2. Haha.. no bad feeling master ben. it was not all the riffs in Jebat song that is childish (IMO), but there are here and there.

  3. takde marah apa... just a discussion. Some of the interesting things (not necessarily good to the listeners) that I've injected can be summarised below:

    1. Nice topic on the lyrics. 1. Master Jedi - the summary of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (first in Malay?). 2. Jebat - Hang Tuah legend in Jebat's perspective.

    2. Surf guitar solo in Jebat.

    3. Chant yang agak Melayu dalam Jebat.

    4. If you try to find the chords to play Master Jedi, I am sure you will find it difficult haha... Looks like people don't have the time to appreciate song like this one anymore (my opinion).

    5. The vocals are not growl, not really a scream. Not really a singing. I know I am not a vocalist but if I can find someone who got that requirements, I am sure it will be unique. Further, it was recorded at home in Australia and I have to be careful not to alert the neighbours hahaha.