Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thrashing Disorder MCD 2009
Sick Chainsaws Productions

disorder (/disˈôrdər/): A state of confusion, The disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior

Refer to the title of this MCD brought me 2 perspectives of either:

a) this MCD is totally a piece of shit that creates tension to the listeners' ears.
b) this MCD is totally thrash-frenzied kind-of music that, also creates tension.

I'd opt for the latter.

To have this 3 years after it's officially released on 7"EP format (which is now sold out) by Necromancer Records, is a bit pathetic. Yes, I mean I am a loser if that what you think. Tormentress break the barrier of gender issue in metal music, which obviously dominated by sapiens known as men.

Tormentress' 4-songs debut EP/MCD is a manifestation of what thrash metal is all about, regardless of the weaknesses in song writing, mixing and mastering (which I found out to be very minimum in this release). The heaviness of delivering the thrash metal in old school way is conducted in very professional manner.

And of course, they are sapiens known as women, whom we now know, will kick our asses of! The drums are good, guitar riffs are excellent, vocal-wise is in the range of Destruction-alike. What could we say more about this talented women.

Lyrics are the most important part in this release. I can sense the anger of disequilibrium in treating the women, probably most in the music scene. A straight forward hatred voiced out in frenzied thrash metal, what else can we say! These chicks really kick ass!

Tormentress is a star in their genre. I hope that it will shines, even among other stars with balls!

This MCD is released by Thai's Sick Chainsaw Productions. Recommended!

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