Monday, March 26, 2012


Children of the Scorn CD 1991 (2004)
Xtreem Music Reissue

After several years of targeting this release, I could only get this re-issue of the "mighty" Finnish FUNEBRE. Mighty in the sense of its rarity, the first pressed of this sole album from them was released by Spinefarm back in 1991, normally went up to over USD100. Even the first pressed of reissue went over USD20, and what is circulating in ebay probably are the reissues of reissue version.

Thanks to "reissuer", Xtreem Music for making the reissue of the reissue.

By the way, my trail of history with FUNEBRE back with their 1989's "Cranial Torment" demo which among the wide-spread demo from Finland bands. Purtenance might get the name as well, but it was their 7"EP "Crown Waits The Immortal" that caught the attention. FUNEBRE wasn't the most attention-catcher after they released this album. Perhaps it was too early. Although they also had "Brainspoon" 7"EP released in 1990 under Whisper In Darkness Recs, they didn't went far back then. The only zine featured FUNEBRE that I read was Isten (issue 5 if I'm not mistaken).

FUNEBRE is acting as a bridge between what ordinary Finnish death metal brought, like Purtenance, or Mordicus. They have the low, detuned guitar sounds that are very heavy from my opinion, with a great, growl and guttural vocals. A perfect combination. On the other continuum, somehow, the guitar works are remarks of what other "innovative" groovy sounds that Xysma or Disgrace offered (and somewhat evolved).

For Finnish old-school lovers (like me), the question lie if the band still alive today, what kind of sound it would be? I am glad that "Children of the Scorn" became the remark of their tombstone. It is very heavy, perfect old-school sounds with perfect vocals and medium brutality.

For those who haven't got the chance to listen to Funebre, please do so!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pengajian di KIPSAS, Kuantan..

Kepada yang baru mengambil keputusan SPM 2011 pada hari ini, tahniah diucapkan.
Sekiranya ingin menyambung pengajian ke KIPSAS, sila hubungi saya di email
Pengajian di peringkat diploma, selama 3 tahun.
Syarat minimum kemasukan adalah 3 kredit di peringkat SPM.
Klik di sini untuk pergi ke website Sekolah Pengajian Pengurusan (SPP) KIPSAS, tetapi masih belum siap dibina sepenuhnya..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is not just about advertising and selling... :0

Importance of Marketing

From a very small fish to becoming the big one and then the biggest among all. This is how few brands have changed with time e-g: Levis Microsoft and many other "The Big Fish"

The financial success of such brands have been depending on combined efforts of their financial strategies and their marketing efforts. One thing that's been common among all there brands is a high degree of Brand loyalty. They have managed to capture the share of heart and in turn share of customer’s wallet.

Companies now understand that marketing plays an important roll in their overall success ,so now companies have CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) along with CFOs and CEOs. They understand that if there are functions close to customers its ether Sales or Marketing. Sales become a direct interface among customs and products offered by companies, and marketing is an indirect function between customer and the company.

But what makes marketing so big? Why is it important? If you have a great product you are bound to succeed then why do u need to spend on marketing / advertising?

The answer to these questions lies deep within the customer’s brain. Customers / consumers are smart and they understand what makes your product different form mine. If you are offering then 1 % more that what I do why should they pay me rather than paying you. That’s the point. And secondly it’s important to communicate the product offerings to the end user. If a marketing team has worked hard on understanding the consumer needs they need to make sure their customers get a feel “This brand knows what I want ”. Trust me this is the only major differentiator between why your 1% more is able to get you more loyal and more number of customers.

The time has changed. To products that are offered by a brand you have "n" number of more substitutes and consumers get to know which is the better substitute that suites there requirements . So it is important to make sure that marketing efforts are more on understanding the changing needs on today’s customer. We need to understand the minds of customers. It’s rightly said “customer is KING”

Marketing managers need to understand the customer needs and they need to make their major decisions such as the features to include, the price to be offered to customers and what to spend on advertisements.

Marketing today has become a emotional research which helps understanding customer and consumers psychology so that products are developed based on these understanding. The marketing managers need to answer following questions:

  • How do we find the right market segment?
  • How do we differentiate?
  • How can we compete with low cost business models?
  • How do we build a better brand?
  • How do we reduce cost of customer acquisition?

A successful Marketing team can carefully analyze customer needs and carefully monitor there competitors marketing moves. Remember a short term sales driven view does not work in business world today. The C-level managers, the CEO,CFO should communicate importance of marketing in an organization, how the marketing function plays a great role in organizations success.

Taken from here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Langsuir "House of Puaka" Official website

Hari ini datang blues waktu layan lagu Des'ree "Craze Maze", soundtrack "Nothing To Lose". Teringat waktu awal main html, saya offer diri untuk buat official website Langsuir. 100% guna notepad dan html code. Waktu itu, ada 3 provider website percuma, geocities, angelfire dan tripod.

Entah kenapa saya memilih tripod waktu itu. Waktu blues, saja saya google "House of Puaka" sebab terkenang zaman itu. Tak sangka masih ada. Cuma tak boleh nak buat apa sebab username dan password memang tak ingat dah.

Adakah masih relevan sekarang? :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Nekrad/Vociferation Eternity
Dragonia Pegaso Split CD 2011
Metamorphic Records/Khakan Production

First of all, which will come first? Is it Voci/Nekrad, or Nekrad/Voci? I'd rather use the former one, if we are to dive further into a discussion of age. In terms of presentation, it seems like the latter most probably the best to use because the front cover indicates "Nekrad" name in the left and "Voci" on the right side, just like what has been advertised, but then came the translation of Islamic or not, because we take right as the most important.

To conclude, I'd use"Dragonia Pegaso" in this short review, with songs arrangement as a guideline in determining who should came first.

Voci started with heavy and mid-tempo riffs in "Regrets". I always love the works of Dark-E since their "Psalm of Infernal Parturation" demo. "Regrets" perhaps is the best song that marked their maturity and skills. It is filled with good melodies and aggressiveness. The second song, "Grace of Mothers" started with  Dark-E's scream which brings me back to their first album "Ocean Myth", an indicator of Voci. The second song perhaps the best for concluding what Voci was and is offering now because it reminds me a lot to their early years. "Anxiety Of The Unknown", track 3, is the most melodic opus by Dark-E in this CD from my opinion. I'd rather say it is an intersection between Tiamat, Moonspell, and Callenish Circle. Track 4, "Within Me" is the most depressive, yet heavy song from them. All in all, Voci's part is obvious in this split CD, to convey evil brought by Nekrad, in the most dark, depressive way. I just cannot understand the vocal of Voci, which I think evolved more into black metal-screaming hype. Not my cup of tea of delivering depressive message though, but it is just my thought.

Nekrad kicked out with "Lycanthropy Massive Invades", a perfect song title for Cradle of Filth follower. Hearing the first tune, the resemblance of riffing, vocals and narratives to CoF are becoming more obvious. Well don't get me wrong, I never hate CoF, I just stopped listen to them since "Cruelty.." album. The second offer from Nekrad entitles "Darken of Nekrad" (ahh, now I know what "Nekrad" means! Sooo late!). It is much more of CoF sounded song (of course they are!). The great thing is that the aggressiveness of the band exposed through the high speed drums and combination of growl and screeching vocals are so perfect (a reminiscence of again, CoF, if I can remember). But honestly, the second track by Nekrad is so far the best in this CD although I notice the riffs are just simple, but played in a beautiful arrangement. Third song is called "Tranquility Beyond Disharmony" (if you think it is supposed to be spelled "Tranquillity" with double "L", think again! Both words are correctly spelled (ah, both "spelled" and "spelt" also convey the same meaning, except "spelled" is more commonly used now)). This is the moment where I started to simply losing focus, because of nothing special except it focuses more on melodic riffs combined with haunting keyboard. I guess this track is great, yet because of my personal view towards CoF might causes to least focusing on what's good on the track. Final track, "Ov Flaw My Prey" is heavy, started with fast drum works. Nothing more to say, they are good!

To wrap it all, the split CD, although has been a very territory-based one, is a good masterpiece to present 2 bands from various generation, all under one flag of "Ipoh Metal Militant Supremacist". I personally hope Voci to penetrate the international market with their beautiful opuses, backed up by Nekrad, or all other good Malaysia bands, we still have a long way to go to maintain our metal scene.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Death In Evolution
Death Lullaby CD EP 2011
Obscure Sound Records

There are more and more female-fronted bands came from Malaysia/ South East Asia lately, pinpointing either a significant wave in musical acceptance, or it just another trend showing that every gender should received equal chances (or acceptance, too) in playing aggressive music.

I just got this copy from an old friend. Maybe the name is quite new for me, being like a poser of my own local scene. It took me a while to remember the band name, until somehow I recalled it from a listing in a local gig few years ago.

Death in Evolution (or I should better put it as DIE), is a Kuala Lumpur-breed band, which of course, provides more higher expectation in quality and music as a whole. And in that aspect, DIE did a good job. The sound quality is in top notch, except for some songs it appears that the cymbals were too much in front of the whole music. Not that bad though, as brutality and aggression simply covered that.

I guess being an ignorance does have its pitfalls. Personally I feel that DIE is a great band provided with a great female-fronted vocalist. But I don't have strong positive feeling towards their songs. I am eagerly waiting for their next release to see whether there will be a differentiation offer by them.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visitant "The Sword Without Eyes" EP 2012 Out Now!!

VISITANT is back!!!

Kuantan’s Epic War Metal Horde.”THE SWORD WITHOUT EYES”EP in CD format is their latest war on Feb.2012.Containing 4 songs of Epic War Metal :-
1) The Sword Without Eyes
2) Through Me I Can’t See
3) Nida’ Lil Haq (One of their song in Arabian lyric)
4) Tales of The Past II

Contact through the band official facebook (
or befriend with Hafizan (mainman) facebook: ... 52&sk=info

or the alternative way:

Get it from ITNA TSIRHC MERCHANDISING for only RM15.00(excluding postage).
via POSLAJU NATIONAL COURIER. Add RM6(West Malaysia),RM9(East Malaysia).
Normal post via Pos Malaysia RM2(Malaysia),RM5 Register post(Malaysia).
Payment:C.O.D/maybank2u Acc.No.:156011943880(Muhamad Azril Safuan)/paypal USD10.00 Thailand,Singapore,Brunei,USD15.00 worldwide.
Paypal/Email :

VISITANT was formed in 1996 with four original members; Fizan (vocal/ lead guitar), Nizam (second guitar), Lie Askar (bass) and Rizal (drum). Their first performance was in a gig at Kuantan in the same year. Two years after, due to some reasons they changed their line up; drummer (Nazwan—NAGELIUM), second guitar (Sham), and bass (Farouk) took after. After the new formation, they had their chance to practice and the result was a live recording in December 1998.

In about four months after the recording, Permatha Pathah Distribution (Malaysia) had agreed to produce and distribute their split cassette with TASYIM in 1999. However, since 2000 the progression of the band becoming slow and passive as the members chose to focus on other than VISITANT; Farouk paid full concentration at the TASYIM, while Sham was loaned to TASYIM. The drummer, Nazwan focussed on his career and the guitar/ vocalist, Fizan had furthered his study. Eventually, Sham had decided to officially join TASYIM and the band decided to give a way to everybody to focus on their aims.

After 8 years of silence, in 2008, the lead vocal has come back and eager to ‘live up’ the VISITANT again. Fizan eagerness had reached few old pals of him. After several discussions, Fizan offered these new bloods a chance of rehearsing his songs, which went quite well. The new bloods are Usop (drums) and Hafiz (second guitar), with a help from Apam, a long time, maniac, but full of ideas, friend of ours (guitar/synth). Several songs have already recorded and to be released. The hymns were all composed by Fizan himself, some of them were old. With sheer creativity and aggressiveness, Fizan managed to give the old hymns a new breath.

If you had in mind, what kind of music VISITANT is currently playing, you might listen to the sound at and our myspace. Some of the tracks in myspace were taken from Split Tape with TASYIM in 1999 and was recorded live in a shitty studio.