Saturday, March 3, 2012


Death In Evolution
Death Lullaby CD EP 2011
Obscure Sound Records

There are more and more female-fronted bands came from Malaysia/ South East Asia lately, pinpointing either a significant wave in musical acceptance, or it just another trend showing that every gender should received equal chances (or acceptance, too) in playing aggressive music.

I just got this copy from an old friend. Maybe the name is quite new for me, being like a poser of my own local scene. It took me a while to remember the band name, until somehow I recalled it from a listing in a local gig few years ago.

Death in Evolution (or I should better put it as DIE), is a Kuala Lumpur-breed band, which of course, provides more higher expectation in quality and music as a whole. And in that aspect, DIE did a good job. The sound quality is in top notch, except for some songs it appears that the cymbals were too much in front of the whole music. Not that bad though, as brutality and aggression simply covered that.

I guess being an ignorance does have its pitfalls. Personally I feel that DIE is a great band provided with a great female-fronted vocalist. But I don't have strong positive feeling towards their songs. I am eagerly waiting for their next release to see whether there will be a differentiation offer by them.

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