Monday, March 26, 2012


Children of the Scorn CD 1991 (2004)
Xtreem Music Reissue

After several years of targeting this release, I could only get this re-issue of the "mighty" Finnish FUNEBRE. Mighty in the sense of its rarity, the first pressed of this sole album from them was released by Spinefarm back in 1991, normally went up to over USD100. Even the first pressed of reissue went over USD20, and what is circulating in ebay probably are the reissues of reissue version.

Thanks to "reissuer", Xtreem Music for making the reissue of the reissue.

By the way, my trail of history with FUNEBRE back with their 1989's "Cranial Torment" demo which among the wide-spread demo from Finland bands. Purtenance might get the name as well, but it was their 7"EP "Crown Waits The Immortal" that caught the attention. FUNEBRE wasn't the most attention-catcher after they released this album. Perhaps it was too early. Although they also had "Brainspoon" 7"EP released in 1990 under Whisper In Darkness Recs, they didn't went far back then. The only zine featured FUNEBRE that I read was Isten (issue 5 if I'm not mistaken).

FUNEBRE is acting as a bridge between what ordinary Finnish death metal brought, like Purtenance, or Mordicus. They have the low, detuned guitar sounds that are very heavy from my opinion, with a great, growl and guttural vocals. A perfect combination. On the other continuum, somehow, the guitar works are remarks of what other "innovative" groovy sounds that Xysma or Disgrace offered (and somewhat evolved).

For Finnish old-school lovers (like me), the question lie if the band still alive today, what kind of sound it would be? I am glad that "Children of the Scorn" became the remark of their tombstone. It is very heavy, perfect old-school sounds with perfect vocals and medium brutality.

For those who haven't got the chance to listen to Funebre, please do so!


  1. a sound achievable only by osfdm. doom-ridden passages entwined with partly subtle melodies.

  2. waa.. thanks for the additional review nekromaniak! finnish death metal rules!!