Sunday, March 4, 2012


Nekrad/Vociferation Eternity
Dragonia Pegaso Split CD 2011
Metamorphic Records/Khakan Production

First of all, which will come first? Is it Voci/Nekrad, or Nekrad/Voci? I'd rather use the former one, if we are to dive further into a discussion of age. In terms of presentation, it seems like the latter most probably the best to use because the front cover indicates "Nekrad" name in the left and "Voci" on the right side, just like what has been advertised, but then came the translation of Islamic or not, because we take right as the most important.

To conclude, I'd use"Dragonia Pegaso" in this short review, with songs arrangement as a guideline in determining who should came first.

Voci started with heavy and mid-tempo riffs in "Regrets". I always love the works of Dark-E since their "Psalm of Infernal Parturation" demo. "Regrets" perhaps is the best song that marked their maturity and skills. It is filled with good melodies and aggressiveness. The second song, "Grace of Mothers" started with  Dark-E's scream which brings me back to their first album "Ocean Myth", an indicator of Voci. The second song perhaps the best for concluding what Voci was and is offering now because it reminds me a lot to their early years. "Anxiety Of The Unknown", track 3, is the most melodic opus by Dark-E in this CD from my opinion. I'd rather say it is an intersection between Tiamat, Moonspell, and Callenish Circle. Track 4, "Within Me" is the most depressive, yet heavy song from them. All in all, Voci's part is obvious in this split CD, to convey evil brought by Nekrad, in the most dark, depressive way. I just cannot understand the vocal of Voci, which I think evolved more into black metal-screaming hype. Not my cup of tea of delivering depressive message though, but it is just my thought.

Nekrad kicked out with "Lycanthropy Massive Invades", a perfect song title for Cradle of Filth follower. Hearing the first tune, the resemblance of riffing, vocals and narratives to CoF are becoming more obvious. Well don't get me wrong, I never hate CoF, I just stopped listen to them since "Cruelty.." album. The second offer from Nekrad entitles "Darken of Nekrad" (ahh, now I know what "Nekrad" means! Sooo late!). It is much more of CoF sounded song (of course they are!). The great thing is that the aggressiveness of the band exposed through the high speed drums and combination of growl and screeching vocals are so perfect (a reminiscence of again, CoF, if I can remember). But honestly, the second track by Nekrad is so far the best in this CD although I notice the riffs are just simple, but played in a beautiful arrangement. Third song is called "Tranquility Beyond Disharmony" (if you think it is supposed to be spelled "Tranquillity" with double "L", think again! Both words are correctly spelled (ah, both "spelled" and "spelt" also convey the same meaning, except "spelled" is more commonly used now)). This is the moment where I started to simply losing focus, because of nothing special except it focuses more on melodic riffs combined with haunting keyboard. I guess this track is great, yet because of my personal view towards CoF might causes to least focusing on what's good on the track. Final track, "Ov Flaw My Prey" is heavy, started with fast drum works. Nothing more to say, they are good!

To wrap it all, the split CD, although has been a very territory-based one, is a good masterpiece to present 2 bands from various generation, all under one flag of "Ipoh Metal Militant Supremacist". I personally hope Voci to penetrate the international market with their beautiful opuses, backed up by Nekrad, or all other good Malaysia bands, we still have a long way to go to maintain our metal scene.

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