Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visitant "The Sword Without Eyes" EP 2012 Out Now!!

VISITANT is back!!!

Kuantan’s Epic War Metal Horde.”THE SWORD WITHOUT EYES”EP in CD format is their latest war on Feb.2012.Containing 4 songs of Epic War Metal :-
1) The Sword Without Eyes
2) Through Me I Can’t See
3) Nida’ Lil Haq (One of their song in Arabian lyric)
4) Tales of The Past II

Contact through the band official facebook (
or befriend with Hafizan (mainman) facebook: ... 52&sk=info

or the alternative way:

Get it from ITNA TSIRHC MERCHANDISING for only RM15.00(excluding postage).
via POSLAJU NATIONAL COURIER. Add RM6(West Malaysia),RM9(East Malaysia).
Normal post via Pos Malaysia RM2(Malaysia),RM5 Register post(Malaysia).
Payment:C.O.D/maybank2u Acc.No.:156011943880(Muhamad Azril Safuan)/paypal USD10.00 Thailand,Singapore,Brunei,USD15.00 worldwide.
Paypal/Email :

VISITANT was formed in 1996 with four original members; Fizan (vocal/ lead guitar), Nizam (second guitar), Lie Askar (bass) and Rizal (drum). Their first performance was in a gig at Kuantan in the same year. Two years after, due to some reasons they changed their line up; drummer (Nazwan—NAGELIUM), second guitar (Sham), and bass (Farouk) took after. After the new formation, they had their chance to practice and the result was a live recording in December 1998.

In about four months after the recording, Permatha Pathah Distribution (Malaysia) had agreed to produce and distribute their split cassette with TASYIM in 1999. However, since 2000 the progression of the band becoming slow and passive as the members chose to focus on other than VISITANT; Farouk paid full concentration at the TASYIM, while Sham was loaned to TASYIM. The drummer, Nazwan focussed on his career and the guitar/ vocalist, Fizan had furthered his study. Eventually, Sham had decided to officially join TASYIM and the band decided to give a way to everybody to focus on their aims.

After 8 years of silence, in 2008, the lead vocal has come back and eager to ‘live up’ the VISITANT again. Fizan eagerness had reached few old pals of him. After several discussions, Fizan offered these new bloods a chance of rehearsing his songs, which went quite well. The new bloods are Usop (drums) and Hafiz (second guitar), with a help from Apam, a long time, maniac, but full of ideas, friend of ours (guitar/synth). Several songs have already recorded and to be released. The hymns were all composed by Fizan himself, some of them were old. With sheer creativity and aggressiveness, Fizan managed to give the old hymns a new breath.

If you had in mind, what kind of music VISITANT is currently playing, you might listen to the sound at and our myspace. Some of the tracks in myspace were taken from Split Tape with TASYIM in 1999 and was recorded live in a shitty studio.


  1. Cun, nak tunggu come back Tasyim pulak.

  2. Tasyim tengah berusaha untuk dihidupkan semula oleh Azli. Gitaris dalam sesi pujukrayu untuk dilibatkan semula. Haha. Insya-Allah ada kalau ada izin-Nya..