Monday, April 23, 2012


Hung Rotten Demo 2012 

It's good to see progression. I mean, death is a part of life, the struggle to be alive before death is somewhat beautiful in nature. I have seen bands went ups and downs in their musical careers, some faded away, some are just in struggle just to make sure their music survived.

Anguish is a band from my hometown. We have been friends like since the dawn of time. Apart from TASYIM, NAGILEUM, VISITANT, AGHAST, ENSLAVED CHAOS, the old BRUTALATOR, ANGUISH, which I can label as the "third wave" of Kuantan metal bands ever established, is another band that had caught the attention of metalheads nationwide. I still remember when they did their "Mass Dismemberment" Demo 2003, or was it their 2002 Promo Demo, I have seen that they progressed, struggled and downed. Yet the spirit lives on in some of their bandmates.

Being well-known with "Brutal Death Metal" band, I have to admit that it is not my favorite genre. Despite trying to support the band in any way that I could, the band slowed down after recording 3 songs in 2005. Syahrizal took a big step 7 years later to re-recorded the vocals for these 3 songs and pressing it into tape format. This is the result, "Hung Rotten" was released few weeks ago (early April).

There it is, the most beautiful part is to stay true to things you loved. I saw the struggle of Syahrizal just to keep the band breathing. These 3 songs demo (2 of their song plus a cover of Hypocrisy's "Pleasure of Molestation") is a follow up of what you had in their "Mass Dismemberment" demo. Their songs were pretty much evolved into technical grind-alike, but there are of course some flaws here and there. I could say that the songs are semi-heavy, great riffs and drum blastings, but I hope I can see more good tunes from the band.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dark Reality
Blossom of Mourning CD 1995
Witchhunt Records

It was in mid of 90s, 1995 to be precise. Bands were trying to find originality during that period. Although the waves of black metal (and all stupidities it carries) dominate the world, I personally feel that those were the days where most zine editors trying to find the x-factor in each band.

Dark Reality, a German band, with lower exposure, trying to find the x-factor during those days. The rate of success cannot be determined as not much they have been into any zines during those years.

Musically, the uniqueness of Dark Reality, perceived from the 90s view, was the using of flute in their semi-mid-tempo songs with grunting vocals which stands in between of death and black metal, although the resemblances are more likely into thrash metal.

One thing I like about this release is that the sounds are pretty clean and without lightning-speed riffing, I guess Dark Reality is a perfect band for those who want metal while transcending into the journey of melancholia.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The third release from Malaysian Bolt-Thrower-Asphyx-influenced band, HUMILIATION. I just got their flyer today. A very productive band, no doubt, since just like yesterday that they released their second album "Seek to Survive".

I just hope that I can grab a copy in this short while.

UPEN Pahang

Meeting di UPEN, atau nama penuh Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Pahang. Sementara menunggu, kami makan di kantin Wisma Sri Pahang.

Kali terakhir di sini ialah waktu darjah 6 tahun 1988. Lepas habis pengakap pada pagi Sabtu, di sinilah kami singgah sebelum meneruskan aktiviti melepak di Kompleks Teruntum.

Kantin ini banyak nostalgia. Paling diingati, mee goreng 30 sen. Tak banyak berubah sejak 24 tahun. Mungkin ada perubahan tapi saya yang tak perasan

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lawatan Unisza 16/4/2012

Sedang di dalam taklimat penerangan kepada  rombongan delegasi Unisza, terdiri dari.pensyarah Fakulti Pengajian Islam.Kontemporari.

Semoga kerjasama dapat direalisasikan.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Books: A Cambodian Prison Portrait by Vann Nath

Abah dan mak baru sahaja pulang dari Kemboja, kira-kira rombongan dengan geng mereka yang veteran. Tidaklah pula saya mengharapkan apa-apa buah tangan dari negara yang agak mundur berbanding Malaysia. Namun begitu, sebagaimana kebiasaan, abah akan mencari buku berkaitan sejarah, terutama yang menarik perhatian dunia di era 1975-1979, rejim Khmer Rouge di bawah cengkaman Pol Pot, berkuasa. Era di mana berjuta rakyatnya sendiri mati di tangan bangsa sendiri.

Agak sedih melihat kualiti cetakan buku setebal 118 muka surat ini. Senantiasa kita merujuk kepada kualiti tanpa mementingkan isi kandungannya. Seolah kitab turath yang buruk berabuk di belebas, tetapi isi kandungan diguna sepanjang zaman.

Menurut abah, sepanjang perjalanan dari Phnom Penh ke tempat Angkor Wat, tidak kelihatan kedai yang menjual akhbar, apa lagi buku. Oleh itu, segala peluang terjumpa buku yang ada tidak beliau tinggalkan. Ini antara buku yang dibelinya dan saya mengambil masa 2 malam untuk menamatkan bacaan.

Buku ini mengisahkan tragedi kekejaman Pol Pot dari kacamata penulis. Seorang rakyat biasa, bukan militan, bukan pembangkang mahupun revolusionis, tetapi namanya tersenarai dalam "ghost list", iaitu yang perlu dibunuh. Namun begitu, ketua penjara telah mengasingkan beliau atas bakat sebagai seorang pelukis.

Meskipun wujud plot yang melompat (saya kira agak sukar untuk menulis semua kisah yang hitam dalam hidupnya), segala kisahnya telah disusun kemas dan diterjemah ke Bahasa Inggeris yang amat mudah difahami. Ia bermula dari kehidupan penulis dan keluarganya, terpisah, diseksa, diselamatkan oleh bakat, kejatuhan rejim Khmer Rouge, perjumpaan kembali dengan isteri (anak-anak beliau mati kebuluran), dan kerja bagi menghidupkan Genocide Museum yang asalnya penjara tempat beliau diami selama setahun.

Kesimpulannya, memang tragis. Tatkala saya dilahirkan ke muka bumi, dalam era kita di Malaysia membangun (saya mungkin masih merangkak ketika itu), kegelapan menyelubungi jiran Asean kita. Walaupun begitu, dunia sekarang masih tidak ada beza..

Alhamdulillah, bisik hati kecil saya

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Dying Bride
The Dreadful Hours CD 2001
Peaceville Records

I was about to buy a copy of their latest offering, Evinta (not too latest though, it is a 2011's release), and I thought it'd be better to dig back what MDB offered a decade ago. Here it was, "The Dreadful Hours", a great milestone that marked their time-line from being a pure doom metal to a more lenient, gothic, yet so wonderful experimental doom opuses.

"The Dreadful Hours" came after a lot of fans started to hang loose with MDB. I mean, "The Angel and The Dark River" (1995) was said to be more slow, yet losing metal touches. "Like Gods of The Sun" (1996) was more traditional drone styled doom metal. 2 albums later although just being fair enough to me.

"The Dreadful Hours" is more like a concluding release of MDB since their demo days to 2000. It contains growls, double-pedaling bass drums, and some fast parts. I guess that contribute to my personal favor, although a bigger slice of the vocals are clean.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Di antara BALLS dan BOLA

Sedang menonton movie HBO "Licence To Kill" versi BM.
Terconfuse sejenak bila ayat crook berbunyi "Awak ada bola yang besar En. Bond".

Rupanya "You have big balls Mr. Bond".

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MoA Kolej Universiti Insaniah dan Kipsas

Isnin, 2 April 2012, Alor Setar Kedah Darul Aman.

Berada di pejabat MB Kedah, menunggu MB bagi menyaksikan Majlis Menandatangani MoA. Selepas ini insya Allah program Ijazah Syariah Insaniah mereka dijalankan di Kipsas.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Annihilation of Civilization CD 1989

The story (and memory) of Evildead is a normal one, with intention to buy dues to its evilness, ugly pictures in its front cover. I guess that was one of the reason to buy, the front cover itself, which, in time where references were scarce and information is limited. Another factor, is the tape contains full lyrics sheet? Well you can see from the bottom of the tape (although it is sealed) whether it has a thick, folded lyric sheet or not.

I remember holding this tape while in SEMSAS back in 1991. We used to put our tapes inside of classes instead of in the dorm, to avoid any raids from the warden. So one of the Chinese guy in SEMSAS (also in my class, I studied there for a month before joining MRSM), took a look and asked me about the lyrics, etc, until the last bonus track B.O.H.I.C.A, where he asked me what is the meaning of "FK all the bigots". Well, around that time, I guess being so truthful was not a wise move (to avoid from being called by the discipline teacher, you wouldn't know what will happen next).

So, it has its story and holding to this masterpiece in my hand brought me back to those days. Frankly, I don't feel much enthusiasm in listening to Evildead for the first time back in 1989 because I, perhaps like some others, preferred those European bands. Kreator, Sodom, Destruction were on top of the list. US thrash? Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, Testament were in rankings, although Metallica seems to be out of the true thrash metal list especially in their 1991 "Black" album.

Annihilation of Civilization is a straight-forward US thrash metal. It was filled with fast riffs, thrashy vocal outfit, it was a perfect definition of what US-thrash is. I would say that this album has a greater impact on thrash metal scene, apart from Forbidden, Vio-Lence, etc, rather than what "The Big 4" are. Honestly, this is thrash metal!