Monday, April 23, 2012


Hung Rotten Demo 2012 

It's good to see progression. I mean, death is a part of life, the struggle to be alive before death is somewhat beautiful in nature. I have seen bands went ups and downs in their musical careers, some faded away, some are just in struggle just to make sure their music survived.

Anguish is a band from my hometown. We have been friends like since the dawn of time. Apart from TASYIM, NAGILEUM, VISITANT, AGHAST, ENSLAVED CHAOS, the old BRUTALATOR, ANGUISH, which I can label as the "third wave" of Kuantan metal bands ever established, is another band that had caught the attention of metalheads nationwide. I still remember when they did their "Mass Dismemberment" Demo 2003, or was it their 2002 Promo Demo, I have seen that they progressed, struggled and downed. Yet the spirit lives on in some of their bandmates.

Being well-known with "Brutal Death Metal" band, I have to admit that it is not my favorite genre. Despite trying to support the band in any way that I could, the band slowed down after recording 3 songs in 2005. Syahrizal took a big step 7 years later to re-recorded the vocals for these 3 songs and pressing it into tape format. This is the result, "Hung Rotten" was released few weeks ago (early April).

There it is, the most beautiful part is to stay true to things you loved. I saw the struggle of Syahrizal just to keep the band breathing. These 3 songs demo (2 of their song plus a cover of Hypocrisy's "Pleasure of Molestation") is a follow up of what you had in their "Mass Dismemberment" demo. Their songs were pretty much evolved into technical grind-alike, but there are of course some flaws here and there. I could say that the songs are semi-heavy, great riffs and drum blastings, but I hope I can see more good tunes from the band.