Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dark Reality
Blossom of Mourning CD 1995
Witchhunt Records

It was in mid of 90s, 1995 to be precise. Bands were trying to find originality during that period. Although the waves of black metal (and all stupidities it carries) dominate the world, I personally feel that those were the days where most zine editors trying to find the x-factor in each band.

Dark Reality, a German band, with lower exposure, trying to find the x-factor during those days. The rate of success cannot be determined as not much they have been into any zines during those years.

Musically, the uniqueness of Dark Reality, perceived from the 90s view, was the using of flute in their semi-mid-tempo songs with grunting vocals which stands in between of death and black metal, although the resemblances are more likely into thrash metal.

One thing I like about this release is that the sounds are pretty clean and without lightning-speed riffing, I guess Dark Reality is a perfect band for those who want metal while transcending into the journey of melancholia.

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