Sunday, April 1, 2012


Annihilation of Civilization CD 1989

The story (and memory) of Evildead is a normal one, with intention to buy dues to its evilness, ugly pictures in its front cover. I guess that was one of the reason to buy, the front cover itself, which, in time where references were scarce and information is limited. Another factor, is the tape contains full lyrics sheet? Well you can see from the bottom of the tape (although it is sealed) whether it has a thick, folded lyric sheet or not.

I remember holding this tape while in SEMSAS back in 1991. We used to put our tapes inside of classes instead of in the dorm, to avoid any raids from the warden. So one of the Chinese guy in SEMSAS (also in my class, I studied there for a month before joining MRSM), took a look and asked me about the lyrics, etc, until the last bonus track B.O.H.I.C.A, where he asked me what is the meaning of "FK all the bigots". Well, around that time, I guess being so truthful was not a wise move (to avoid from being called by the discipline teacher, you wouldn't know what will happen next).

So, it has its story and holding to this masterpiece in my hand brought me back to those days. Frankly, I don't feel much enthusiasm in listening to Evildead for the first time back in 1989 because I, perhaps like some others, preferred those European bands. Kreator, Sodom, Destruction were on top of the list. US thrash? Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, Testament were in rankings, although Metallica seems to be out of the true thrash metal list especially in their 1991 "Black" album.

Annihilation of Civilization is a straight-forward US thrash metal. It was filled with fast riffs, thrashy vocal outfit, it was a perfect definition of what US-thrash is. I would say that this album has a greater impact on thrash metal scene, apart from Forbidden, Vio-Lence, etc, rather than what "The Big 4" are. Honestly, this is thrash metal!


  1. zaman dulu nak beli kaset kena tengok dari angle dulu dalam inlet tebal ke sehelai je.
    kalo tebal ada more chance nak beli kaset tu

  2. sememangnya begitu! haha!
    lagi satu, kalau kaset CBS warna putih, tengok nama band dari tepi. kalau tulisan warna merah, more likely band tu heavy. cth: sanctuary "refuge denied" dan riot "thundersteel". kalau tulisan hitam, kurang heavy. cth: ozzy osbourne "the ultimate sin"..

  3. cis...kenapa aku boleh lupa band ni...terimakasih la buat aku teringat2kan zaman ITM aku....lagu yang selalu berputar2 kat walkman philips aku dulu..."Living Good" dan "FCI/The awakening"...memang underated..