Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Dying Bride
The Dreadful Hours CD 2001
Peaceville Records

I was about to buy a copy of their latest offering, Evinta (not too latest though, it is a 2011's release), and I thought it'd be better to dig back what MDB offered a decade ago. Here it was, "The Dreadful Hours", a great milestone that marked their time-line from being a pure doom metal to a more lenient, gothic, yet so wonderful experimental doom opuses.

"The Dreadful Hours" came after a lot of fans started to hang loose with MDB. I mean, "The Angel and The Dark River" (1995) was said to be more slow, yet losing metal touches. "Like Gods of The Sun" (1996) was more traditional drone styled doom metal. 2 albums later although just being fair enough to me.

"The Dreadful Hours" is more like a concluding release of MDB since their demo days to 2000. It contains growls, double-pedaling bass drums, and some fast parts. I guess that contribute to my personal favor, although a bigger slice of the vocals are clean.

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