Saturday, May 26, 2012


Celestial Season
Chrome CD 1998
HKM Records

Groovy stoner metal, at least from what I can conclude from their 1998's fourth album. A cult, hard-to-find status this album is, and luckily the price was not too high for me to get this CD and to complete their album discography. Those who followed their track will recognize 1995's EP "Sonic Orb" as their milestone towards a new direction from ordinary Dutch doom/death genre to a more mind-seducing stoner rock/metal.

I would say that "Chrome" has more atmospheric, more rocking side of stoner and more groove compared to its predecessor "Orange" in 1997. Tunes like "Stardust", "Who Sent the Workers Back Underground" and "21:20 Desire", on the other hand, have more heavy sounds like Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Kyuss kind of thing.

Celestial Season, yet to achieve its success in the metal scene, although its 1993 "Forever Scarlet Passion" debut does have high value, but it doesn't contribute to its stardom. With early retirement in doom/death genre, Celestial Season perhaps had made mistakes by converting into their current sounds since "Sonic Orb". I guess their split-up in 1991 contributed to either good or bad side. The good thing was that their materials were quickly recognized as "rare", but the bad thing is that they do not last longer for a fan (like me) to appreciate their music. Anathema did constantly releasing albums with their atmospheric sounds.

Perhaps with their reunion in 2011, they can get something and some more to offer.

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