Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lemming Project
Hate And Despise CD 1992
Century Media Records

When their 1991's "Extinction" came out in Malaysian local market, I wonder what their music really is. After seeing their band members in a magazine, I thought this might be some glam rock band, but the mind was battling against it due to the record label, CM Records, which, around that time, became housing for death metal bands. It was few years later that I bought their tape and discover that they played death metal.

Having a CD version in the new millennium is not really a mind-blowing experience since you can easily get it with a low price in ebay. Nevertheless, it is actually a great flashback to my nostalgic moments of buying the old death metal on tapes.

Lemming Project is death metal, no doubt. The great reminiscence of the old good times. Although appeared in the musical platform that gained additional interest today, Lemming Project is somewhat underrated. For me, their music is much more listenable to those old 90s death metal bands (I cannot stand Morgoth, and I've never even liked Obituary).

But the music lives on, sadly without Lemming Project appeared in any references.


  1. wow bro..a friend of mine lent me the tape back in 93'..VSP rite..i cant really recall the music coz that was the only time i listened to it...i always wondered y nobody mentioned it...goin to youtube it..a cool name for a death mtl bnd

  2. aku ada tape jer ni.. boleh lah lagu band ni.. layan jugak..